A Very Vegetarian Christmas ~ Roasted Vegetable Lasagna!

by Jake Witham on March 22, 2014

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One of the things I like the most about planning a vegetarian Christmas meal is the fact that we get to go outside the box a little. Traditionally a Christmas dinner meal would include ham or turkey as the main meat dish. Even in Italian families, the pasta dishes are rarely the star of the show. Today, since we already have permission to break the mold, we are featuring a sumptuous roasted vegetable lasagna and we’re going to place it at the center of the meal.

RoastedVegetableLasagnaslidEven tho this is quite non-traditional, it contains some very traditional Italian lasagna ingredients. It is most noticeably without meat of any kind. In its place tho is some roasted goodness that will really broaden your lasagna horizons. I bet you didn’t know you even had lasagna horizons, did you? It is, nonetheless, fact. You do. 🙂

You’ll still have the savory cheese mixture in each layer,  and you’ll even still have the long lasagna noodles to divide the layers. It’s the other fillings that will have you smacking your lips and going back for more, tho.

So, if you dare to step outside the traditional fare for the Christmas meal, check out this pretty simple recipe here for a real vegetarian treat.


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