Is there a new baby in your family this year? I was recently at the State Fair with a friend and she was looking for a personalized “My First Christmas” ornament for her new nephew. It’s such a special time of year for the entire extended family to celebrate a new life.

Merry Stockings offers special First Christmas Stockings for your baby boy or girl. Or order a personalized stocking that will match those of the rest of the family. My son loves that each of us has our own special stocking – maybe because so many other things are shared with little brother!

Another special way to mark the milestone is with a Baby’s First Christmas ornament. A friend and I discovered last year that we had the same “Baby’s First Christmas – 1977” ball ornaments. For each of us, it had become a special heirloom, passed on from mom’s collection to our own. Likewise, I treasure the ornaments that were given to my sons and will one day pass them down.

I love the level of customization that Merry Stockings’ ornaments offer. My 1977 ornament, while cute, has a generic baby illustration on it. Having a real photo of your child or grandchild, along with their name and the year, would be so much better! What fun to pull out the box of ornaments each year and remember how little they once were.

What special things does your family do at Christmas to commemorate the birth of a new baby?

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