Christmas in Non-Christian Countries

by Jake Witham on September 16, 2010

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How do Non-Christian countries celebrate Christmas? Well, the answer is not so clear cut. So we take three countries and look at how Christmas is celebrated there.

Christmas in Thailand

Thailand is largely a Buddhist country and Christmas is officially just another ordinary day. But most people do celebrate it just for fun.

Major cities in Thailand still put up Christmas trees and other decorations, usually seen in hotels and malls.

December, however, is the month of the King’s birthday. From December 5 to the New Year, various festivities are help in celebration.

Christmas in China

The Chinese are also a largely non-Christian country. They do put up Christmas decorations during the season, but these are mostly in metropolitan areas like Beijing. Most people decorate their houses with Christmas trees and paper lanterns and have special feast with family and friends. The Christmas season in China coincides with the Spring Festival.

In Hong Kong, however, they have their own version of Santa Claus that they call “Lan Khoong” or “Dun Che Lao Ren”. Similar to the Western Santa, he gives out gifts to good children. Church services for Christmas are held in English and Chinese. Children exchange cards, usually with the Holy Family in very Chinese surroundings. Public places are also decorated with poinsettias, streamers, paper chains and other decorations.

Christmas in India

India has a very secular population and Christians are a minority. Unlike China and Thailand, however, India observes Christmas due to the colonization of Europeans. It is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Christmas decorations are to be seen in malls, stores and public places. School plays mostly touch on the Nativity story. Santa Claus, or “Christmas Baba” is a common feature in malls.

Christians in India hear Christmas mass on the December 24, amidst beautiful poinsettia and candles. They then share a delicious Christmas feast before exchanging gifts. Similarly, they decorate their homes with a manger display, giant star lanterns and other Christmas decors. invite you to share Christmas as you know it to friends in India, China and Thailand by giving them holiday cards that they can appreciate. Choose from our largely secular designs and show them they are remembered.

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