Christmas Morning Pancakes

by Jake Witham on November 27, 2013

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christmas pancakesIf you told your kids (okay, your husband too) that there would be cookie-like fare for Christmas morning breakfast, what do you think they’d say?

“Mom, we can’t have cookies for breakfast, it’s just not right.”

“Are you sick?”

“You mean we don’t have to eat eggs?”

Yeah, right!! They may think it, but they aren’t going to be saying anything that might make mom come to her senses!

Now you can surprise your family with regular ol’ pancakes, even healthy ones, and make them look like Christmas Coookies by using your cookie cutters. Just prepare your batter as you normally would, place your cookie cutters in the skillet and fill. The trick is to cook them on a lower heat so they have more time to set before removing the cookie cutter to flip.

Decorate with mini chocolate chips, and serve sausage on the side. Yummy. Your kids will think, no, they will KNOW you are the best mom on the block. Cookies, er, pancake cookies for Christmas morning breakfast. Genius.


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