What do you get for the puppy that has everything? Whether it’s your dog, or just a pooch for whom you need to buy a Christmas gift, a personalized item is the way to go. Check out this adorable stocking, decorated with tiny bones and paw prints, and customized with your dog’s name.

It would be much better than the special Christmas gift my Grandpa once gave our dog. Apparently he had a little extra time on his hands in his retirement, because he used food coloring to dye some dog treats red and green. This was before the days of Pinterest, mind you. Let’s just say poor Annie couldn’t keep the brightly-colored treats down.

Another way to celebrate your dog is with a special Christmas tree ornament, complete with a photo and doggy’s name. How sweet to have a series of ornaments, to capture him growing up from that first puppy Christmas.

And don’t forget your favorite feline. I know she acts aloof, but she’ll make you pay if everyone has a stocking except her, you know she will! That’s why there’s a personalized stocking option for your cat.

The beauty of the custom ornaments is that you submit the photo and text, and Merry Stockings does the rest. That means they’re perfect for your bird, your fish, your horse, your exotic white tiger.

What are the best gifts you’ve given your pet?



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