New customer photos

Today a customer, Suzy K., sent in two new photos of her completed stocking kits. The two kits that she completed are entitled, Patchwork Santa (photo 1) and Santa Poinsettia Tree (photo 2). She did a very nice job and we’ve added the images to their respective product pages on our website and they will […]

Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit Customer Photo: Delivering the Mail

Recently a customer of MerryStockings finished her stocking kit (Delivering the Mail) and sent us a photo of the completed kit. She did a very nice job and our prospective customers really do appreciate being able to see additional photos of completed kits. Thanks again Ingrid S., we appreciate it. If you have purchased a […]

Needlepoint Christmas Stockings: Frosty

Awhile back we revealed on the blog that we will be offering our own, MerryStockings exclusive, line of Needlepoint Christmas Stockings. After working with our illustrator and manufacturer, we have come up with four designs that we are confident you will love! We will reveal these designs in a series of posts this week. The […]

Candy Express Bucilla Stocking Kit

We are especially thankful to Megan S. for sending in this photo of a completed stocking kit entitled: Candy Express. This kit is our most popular kit thus far in 2011 so we are glad to have a customer photo of it. Thanks again Megan for your hard work – it turned out beautifully! Here […]

Santa Poinsettia Tree Bucilla Kit

Thanks to Melissa J. for sending in this photograph of a Bucilla Christmas Stocking kit entitled: Santa Poinsettia Tree. This cute is very cute and has been one of the more popular kits we carry. We appreciate Melissa’s effort in putting it together and excited to add the photograph to the website as a resource […]

Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit Woodland Snowman

We had a customer send in a great photo of one our most popular kits (Woodland Snowman). If you have purchased a kit from, let me remind you that we are offering discounts to customers that send in photos of completed kits. We are using these photos on our blog and website to provide […]

Tree Shopping Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit

Special thanks to Helen, a customer of, for sending in this photograph. MerryStockings is offering discounts to customers who send in photographs of completed stockings kits. We add these photos to our website, because in addition to the “stock photos” of the stocking kits we carry, customers have expressed a desire to see additional […]

Character Stockings 2011

Last year MerryStockings introduced a new line of Christmas Stockings that we called “Character Stockings“. These popular stockings featured a popular “character” that’s associated with Christmas. Our 2010 line included the following characters: Santa, Mrs. Claus, Reindeer, Elf, Angel, Snowman and a Gingerbread. To see this line of stockings on our site, click Character Stockings. […]

Cable Knit Christmas Stockings

Awhile back mentioned that we will be offering Cable Knit Christmas Stockings in 2011. After working with our manufacturer, we have completed the design and wanted to share a picture today. This particular stocking will come in RED and WHITE and will be available on our site to be purchased on June 1st (maybe […]

Toboggan Trio Stocking Kit

Recently we began asking our customers to begin sharing photos with us. We are hoping to assemble a library of images that come from our customers so that other customers can look through them and see how our products look in actual homes. Although our product photography is nice, taking a picture of something in […]