Some weird and not so weird Christmas facts that you can drop during holiday parties and conversations.

1. Seven out of ten pets get Christmas gifts in the U.K.

2. Over 1.9 billion holiday cards are sent out in the United States over Christmas. Valentine’s Day does not even come close with only 192 million cards given.

3. States that have the most number of Christmas trees cut? The winner is Oregon in 2002 with 6.5 million. Runners up include Michigan, Washington, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

4. In 2004, Christmas tree farmers sold $506 million worth of Christmas trees.

5. There is a town in Florida named Christmas. It has 1,162 people living in it. You can also visit North Pole, Alaska, Santa Claus in both Georgia and Indiana, and Rudolph, Wisconsin.

6. Retailers in 2004 reported sales amounting to $31.9 billion in December alone. Christmas shopping in 2004 started in November which saw $20.8 billion in sales. So as a whole, retailers rely on Christmas for more than $50 billion in sales!

7. For those who prefer to shop in their underwear, $21.5 billion in sales were made online during the last quarter of 2004, making Christmas at least a $70 billion enterprise for retailers.

8. You are not alone. 32% did their Christmas shopping online in 2003.

9. Between Christmas and Thanksgiving, there are 20 billion letters, cards and packages delivered by the post office.

10. December 21 is the busiest delivery day for the U.S. Postal Service.

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