The Au Naturel Wreath!

by Jake Witham on August 16, 2014

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I really am a sucker for all things naturel….reduce something fancy and elaborate down to the least common denominator, down to its simplest form and that’s my happy place. Sounds weird I know, but there is something about that non-embellished look that resonates. Today’s featured wreath is one of those happy moments for me…’s a bay leaf and pomegranate garland!

bayleafpomwreathNow you might never guess that this is from real materials, you know the kind you buy at the grocery store instead of the craft store. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some craft store shoppin’ any day, but would you ever in your wildest dreams imagine you could make a lovely garland like this from the lowly bay leaf?

When I first saw this I wondered about the weight of those pomegranates. You too? They are real pomegranates, but they are dried and are light as a feather! Think of the difference between a hard boiled egg and one of those colored easter eggs with the insides blown out of a tiny hole. I really really love this unique garland for any place you wanna drape something. And, even tho it’s green and red, I still think it is most definitely a year round decoration.

Curious how to make it? I was too….so you can find complete instructions here. The best part is that, while you can buy ┬ápomegranates that are dried and preserved, it is very very very simple to dry them yourself. Don’t believe me? Check it out here. If you do decide to dry your own, just get started early as it does take those beautiful poms 2-3 weeks to dry.

Bay leaves and pomegranates. I think I’m in heaven.

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