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by Jake Witham on August 31, 2012

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When I was little, I remember several years in which my parents read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever out loud to us. There’s a tape recording of the year that my brothers and I got to take turns reading chapters. A great memory! Now that I have my own children, I’m enjoying the search for additional Christmas reading options.

This week we found a new one, albeit accidentally since it’s still August! Uncles and Antlers, by Lisa Wheeler, appears to be a cute story about a little girl’s many uncles. Each one is unique, with characteristics that remind me of my three brothers. And as my son noted, “this is a counting book, Mom!” Then at the end, there’s suddenly a Christmasy twist to the story. (Maybe someone savvier than me would have figured this out a little sooner. Or maybe I should have had a little more coffee that morning!) Recommended for ages 3-6.

Another favorite of ours is The Twelve Days of Christmas in Minnesota. Written by Constance Van Hoven, it presents lots of interesting information about our state in a clever, kid-friendly format. This would make a great gift for any Minnesota child, or from Minnesota grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles, etc. In a quick Amazon search, it seems that the series includes titles for most states, including Florida, Wisconsin, and Texas, each written by a local author. For ages 5 and up.

Mary’s Christmas Story offers a unique retelling of the original Christmas story. It was recommended to me by a friend who read one of the four sections to her children during each week of Advent. The warm, vibrant illustrations and relatable details bring the story close to home. As the mother of sons, wrapped up in the emotion of the season, I admit to shedding a few tears while reading this one. By Walter Wangerin, Jr. Ages 4-8.

What were your favorite Christmas books when you were growing up, or which top your list for your own children?

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