Winter Flowers

by Jake Witham on February 20, 2014

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nailsToday, in spite of the 7-10 inches more of snow that is accumulating right outside my window, I got my nails painted turquoise. I figure that winter is far from over here, and that I do have some control when it comes to bringing a little spring and summer into my life early. The truth is that it’s good to find ways to fight off the winter blues, creative things to do that either remind us that the seasons will definitely still change or that spring and summer will be here before we know it.

We are starting to think about our garden and what we’ll grow this year, and I thought what a great idea it’d be to force some bulbs to bloom even before spring arrives to get us in the mood. I did a little searching on Pinterest, and found some really fun things to share with you today.

winter flowers in a tea cup

Look at this adorable idea for Grape Hyacinths! In about 6 weeks, y0u’ll have some pretty blooms and spring will have no choice but to chime in. That is how it goes, right? Find some blemish-free bulbs, chill them to mimic winter dormancy, then plant in some soil. Water, then set them in a dark, cool place until some greenery peeks through the soil. Water only when soil is completely dry to keep the roots from rotting.

There are other bulbs that work well when forced to bloom indoors. Tulips, Paperwhites (which by the way are the perfect Christmas centerpiece!) to name just a few. I think I’m going to run to the garden store this weekend and get this little project going.

By the way, we don’t have to wait until the dead of winter to work on this. These little pots of flowers would make the perfect hostess gift around the holidays, wonderfully bright centerpieces for the Christmas meal, and something to continue growing and blooming after all the decorations are long put away.




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