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Deer Family Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit

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Product Description: Brand new 2014 May release! Be sure to take in the tranquility of this gorgeous new stocking kit. A family of deer rests in a forest of beautiful birch trees while being watched carefully from above by a pair of red cardinals. The deep blue sky in the background suggests a cold winters night creating the need for the deer to cuddle and be close. Don't miss the details of this stocking such as the wreath that the mother deer has around her neck or the cone and berries. A perfect gender neutral stocking kit. Bucilla Felt Christmas Stockings Kits are a great tradition for many. These stockings make great gifts and are true heirlooms. Each kit contains beads, felt, embroidery floss, sequins, needle and of course the easy to follow instructions.

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Product Size: Deer Family is an 18" stocking kit.

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Plaid Enterprises | Bucilla Part #: 86502

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