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2013 Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit release...exclusive to MerryStockings

MerryStockings has partnered again with Bucilla|Plaid Enterprises to bring back some discontinued/vintage Bucilla Christmas stocking kits. This release of kits will be available in 2013 during the month of March. This is our largest release of older discontinued kits to date. We are very excited about this list and believe it will fulfill the desires of our customers who have been searching for these older kits. The list can be seen in this cute graphic below. Thanks for shopping MerryStockings for your Bucilla Christmas Stocking Felt Applique Kit needs. We appreciate your business!! These kits will ONLY be found at

This graphic shows the Bucilla Felt Stocking Kits that MerryStockings is releasing in partnership with Bucilla in March 2013. NO other distributor will have these kits!
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