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42 Things To Do On Christmas Eve

socks by the fire

One of the questions I love to ask people around Christmas is what their Christmas Eve traditions are. The answers are often things you might expect while others are pretty  unique. Here are some of the answers I've gotten over the years:

 Make paper snowflakes

Watch Christmas movies


Deliver baked goodies

Sing together


View Christmas Lights in the neighborhood

Ornament exchange

Read the Christmas story

Wrap presents

Play games

Exchange gifts

Put cookies and milk our for Santa

Act out the nativity

Attend midnight mass

Make reindeer food and sprinkle on the front lawn.

After the kids go to bed, string Christmas lights from the tree to their bedrooms.

A family outing of midnight caroling in the woods with candles.

Have a Jerusalem Dinner…simple, finger foods by candlelight.

Dinner out and a drive to look at Christmas lights.

Have a Star Trek movie marathon.

Enjoy peppermint tea with a peppermint stick.

Spray the bottom on your shoes with fake snow, then walk from the chimney to the table where the cookies and milk are, eat and drink most of what’s there, then track to the fireplace and take off your shoes.

Open one gift.

Go to bed early!

Dance around the tree.

Kiss under the mistletoe.

Drink egg nog.

Go ice skating.

Have a treasure hunt

Stay up all night.

Volunteer at the homeless shelter.

Take photos of your Christmas Tree with all the unopened gifts beneath.

Play board games.

Go to a movie.

Read Christmas books.

Snuggle up by the fire with cozy slippers and a blanket.

Host a Christmas Party.

Make a gingerbread house.

Write a Christmas story

Invite close friends over for a little egg nog or cocoa or coffee.

Have the kids open a present of new Christmas jammies for super cute Christmas morning pictures.

What would you add to this list?

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