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A Very Vegetarian Christmas ~ Warm Beet Salad

beet-salad-citrusI have only learned to like beets in the past year. Growing up we only had the canned, pickled kind that served as our salad. Hmmm. I choked them down with lots of milk or iced tea, but once I got out on my own, beets never found their way into my menus. That is, until I tasted them roasted! OMG, there is seriously some magic that happens in the oven with beets.

Today's contribution to our very vegetarian Christmas meal is a colorful, nutritious beet salad. It's always a good idea to have your basic greens salad, everyone loves that, but including this warm beet and citrus combo into your repertoire will have your guests believing you are a true gourmet chef. And, really, again, the ingredients do most of the heavy lifting. I promise you, you won't be spending hours slaving over this one.

This salad is not only vegetarian, it is also vegan and gluten free, a total WIN. And, it looks so elegant, doesn't it?! The citrus vinaigrette that is drizzled over the top is the bright finishing touch, and if you have some left over it's also great over chicken or fish....or sweet potatoes! You can find the recipe for the salad and dressing here.

If you are a beet hater, you might want to try this one. You will be doing your body a huge favor and I think your mouth will agree.

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