Baby It's Cold Outside

The wind is blowing, the show is accumulating and the temps, well, yeah they are frigid as usual here in Minnesota. But, no complaints because today we are making a really yummy recipe in our house that is sure to warm us clear to the bone!  I'm talking about Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs! What does that have to do with Christmas, you ask?  The color is right, the feeling this recipe gives you is right, and I think it might even be a candidate for a Christmas tradition if you ask me. :)

meatballsOh, did I mention this is also perfect comfort food for those cold, windy, snowy days? Look at that melty cheese in the middle? I thought when I saw these that they may be difficult to make, but when I took a look at the recipe I was wrong. They are so so easy! I got this recipe from the All Recipes site, and it is a total winner.

And, like I said, getting that cheese in the middle of the meatball is not hard at all. All you do is cut up mozzarella sticks into one inch pieces and form your meatball right around it!

You can visit the All Recipes site for the specific directions. I don't know about you, but this is the perfect meal for tonight as we stay cozy warm inside and watch the Olympics. :)

Happy cheesy meatball making!

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