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Bite-Sized Caramel Apples

The other day I stopped in to chat with a sweet lady I work with and decided, last minute, to pick us both up a kid sized soft serve treat from the local fast food place.  As we were dipping our spoons into these mini sized cups of yummyness, we both agreed that these little guys are just the right size for those times when you want just a bite or two of something sweet.

mini carmel applesToday's post brings you another junior-sized idea that is just as sweet and just as popular ~ bite sized caramel apples! As much as I love the caramel apples that decorate the produce section at the grocery store, sometimes it's just too-much-sweet. Plus, have you ever bit into one of those store-bought versions and found part of the apple to be, well, less than appetizing? Me too. So, this pint-sized version I think is the perfect solution.

I am partial to the Honeycrisp apple ~ a bit pricey, but completely worth it. They are tart and sweet at the same time, the flesh is firm and when wrapped in the gooey bliss known as caramel, well, you are in for a real treat. Pretty healthy too, right?

Just scoop out round apple bites with a melon baller tool and insert a candy stick through one side without going clear through. Prepare a plate by lining it with waxed paper and coating with Pam. Then, just melt a bag of caramels along with a couple tablespoons of water stirring constantly until smooth. Dip your apple bites into the melted caramel and, if you want, roll 'em in peanuts!

So, the next time your child tells you at 9pm that they need treats for the whole class the next morning, relax and pull out this recipe. Forgo the peanuts just in case of an allergy, but what a fast, easy, yummy fix, yes? I bet they'd be a hit also for an after school snack.


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