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Caring for Your Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are usually hung near the fireplace. This is one tradition that most of us hold dear. So what do you do if smoke odors stick to your stockings? suggests these easy ways:

1. Make sure that you remove everything that may be removed from the stocking. Empty it of its contents to prepare it for washing.

2. Using a solution composed of 1 part baking soda, 1 part ammonia and 2 parts vinegar dissolved in a tub full of water, wash your stocking. If you have a plain Christmas stocking, you can submerge the whole stocking in the mixture. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals. Rub the stockings to release the smoke odor.

If your stockings have designs like a name or glitters, then submerge only up to the design. Do not place the designed area under the water or in the solution. Rub this area with the solution using your finger, but DO NOT submerge it.

Repeat this process to get rid of the smoke smell.

3. Rinse the stocking with warm water. Open your faucet to warm water and run the water over the stocking around three times. Be careful not to run the designs under the water. Squeeze out after rinsing.

4. Using any clean surface, lay your stocking to dry. Make sure that your stocking is flat all over and check for areas that stick out. Push this back into place. It is safe to dry your stockings overnight.

5. After drying, wrap your stockings using a lavender scented linen sheet and store it in your closet or a suitcase. This would protect it from moths, moisture and molds.

Some tips:

Avoid heating your stockings. Heat would cause your stockings to shrink.
Do not wash your stockings in a washing machine. This is the best way to ruin your Christmas stockings.

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