2011 Christmas

  • Customer photo

    Today a customer sent in a photo of our Burgundy/Ivory soft quilted cotton stockings. These stockings can be found in our modern category and are among our most popular products. Thanks to Jenny V. for sending the photo!

    Modern Christmas Stockings

    Burgundy/Ivory Cotton Stockings

  • Black Friday...gets controversial

    Today I heard on the radio that Target is opening up for Black Friday at midnight (instead of at 6 AM or whatever it was in year's past). To counter this move, an employee of Target (a parking lot attendant at an Omaha Target location) created a petition to stop this. Both sides of the issue offer compelling arguments. Some say, "save Thanksgiving and stop commercializing the holidays", others predictably say that this just a move to meet "customer demand". Whatever your stance, it's boiled to the point where this petition has acquired almost 100K signatures. Here is the petition if you want to check it out: http://www.change.org/petitions/tell-target-to-save-thanksgiving

    Certainly interesting!

  • The Rockefeller Tree

    Today I read an article about a 74 foot Norwegian Spruce being placed in Rockefeller Center. I guess when this traditional tree arrives in downtown NYC, you know it's getting close to Christmas. I thought a couple of things were noteworthy about the tradition. Did you know that when this year's tree is taken down after Christmas that it will be milled and the wood will be used by Habitat for Humanity? That's a great way to recycle! In addition to that, it will take 30,000 lights to illuminate this beautiful tree.

    Whether you are ready or not, Christmas is coming!

  • Cable knit Christmas stockings

    Every year MerryStockings tries to come out with new products that our customers will love. Like most businesses, sometimes we succeed and sometimes not so much. This year however, a new product we introduced has been a big hit. This particular product, our Cable Knit Stockings, is flying off the shelves and the purpose of this post is to alert customers have been looking at them to act now or you may not get the chance to order them. Although it's only November 10th, we are more than 50% of the way through our stock on these adorable stockings. Hopefully this information is helpful if you are considering them!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Cable Knit stockings going fast!

  • Photo Ornaments...17 new templates LIVE

    Check it out: Photo Ornaments

    MerryStockings has just re-launched our Photo Ornament product line with new, updated templates!

  • Photo Ornaments...all new templates!

    MerryStockings carries a full line of Photo Ornaments and we are excited to be re-launching that entire product line with all new templates. The new templates should go live in the next day or so. This year's line up of templates will include Photo Ornaments for those looking for a wedding gift, baby's first Christmas, pet ornaments and much more. Take a look at the image below to get a sneak peak!

    Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out these new templates on Monday/Tuesday.

    A look at one of our new Photo Ornament templates...

  • Footed pajamas...for adults?

    Today I was reading an article about the best Christmas gift ideas for 2011. One the list was a product called "footed pajamas" for adults. It took me by surprise (it was the first time I've seen them) and I was inconclusive in my assessment as to whether or not I thought the product was a good idea or not. Perhaps, as a parent of small children, I look at them and think of my kids pajamas and see them as childish. But, on the other hand, when it's -22 in mid-January here in MN, it might not be a bad idea.

    What do you think of these pajamas? Do you actually know anyone that has and uses them?

    Are these weird?

  • Customer photo...Candy Express Bucilla stocking kit

    Our #1 selling Christmas stocking kit is by far the version called "Candy Express". This kit is made by Bucilla. I am not sure what the attraction is to this particular kit (as I think most Bucilla kits are cute), but this one gets all the attention and we can barely keep them on our shelves. At any rate, a customer of ours Carmen L., just completed this particular kit and sent us a picture (thanks Carmen!). She did a delightful job of completing this kit and we wanted to show it off on our blog as well as our Facebook page (facebook.com/merrystockings). Take a peek at this complete kit entitled, Candy Express. If you want to see the rest of the best selling Bucilla felt stocking kits, see our top 10 list.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Candy Express Bucilla Felt Stocking Kit

  • Christmas before Halloween?

    Recently an article was posted on Fox News affiliated website out of Greensboro, NC that talked about Christmas goods being sold before Halloween! The article maintains that store managers are being asked for the items before Halloween and so to appease demand, they are relenting and stuffing their shelves full of Christmas cheer, BEFORE HALLOWEEN! Although I don't mind because I love Christmas, it does seem a bit early for the average consumer. As retailers, brick and mortar retailers that is, I'm certain they are looking to infuse their businesses with Christmas cash as soon as they can get it. Knowing they've had a tougher time in recent years with consumer spending being down, who can blame them.

    How about you - when do you think it's the best time to start shopping for Christmas?

    When should stores starting putting out Christmas goods?

    Let us know what you think!

    Here is the full article: Christmas before Halloween

    Thanks for stopping by,


  • Customer photos of two stocking kits

    Recently we had a customer, Lois R., send us two completed stocking kit photos. Didn't these turn out great? Thanks so much for sending in the photos Lois! For the record, the stocking on the left is called HoHoHo Santa and the stocking on the right is Skating Clauses.

    Completed Stockings Kits by customer Lois R.

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