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  • Personalized Christmas Stockings

    All the buzz is certainly about Black Friday shopping right now, but I prefer to spend the day after Thanksgiving at home. Not shopping online, but decorating for Christmas! I add a little peppermint flavoring to my coffee, put on some holiday music and get to work. If I'm alone in the house, I can get most of it done in a day, but this year the boys were around to "help", so it's still in-progress. :)

    One of the jobs still left is wrapping pine garland and lights around the banister, so our stockings can be hung on top. Since we don't have a fireplace mantle, I just tie the stockings onto the railing with ribbon. Having names on each stocking is such a fun way to make each person feel special, even before it's brimming with gifts on Christmas morning.

    Merry Stockings offers a wide range of personalized stockings to suit your personal style and decor. For the traditionalist, there are classic velvet stockings. If you prefer a more modern look, consider the cable-knit or quilted cotton stockings.

    For something truly unique, there are heirloom-quality wool stockings. They are available in designs such as snowflakes, stripes, and a variety of other Christmas icons too. These custom stockings are completely sourced and made in the USA.

    And if you're one of the lucky ones with a mantle, don't forget the stocking hangers!

    Question of the Day: If you're a parent, does your personalized stocking display your name or Mom/Dad?


  • Cable knit Christmas stockings

    Every year MerryStockings tries to come out with new products that our customers will love. Like most businesses, sometimes we succeed and sometimes not so much. This year however, a new product we introduced has been a big hit. This particular product, our Cable Knit Stockings, is flying off the shelves and the purpose of this post is to alert customers have been looking at them to act now or you may not get the chance to order them. Although it's only November 10th, we are more than 50% of the way through our stock on these adorable stockings. Hopefully this information is helpful if you are considering them!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Cable Knit stockings going fast!

  • New products live on the website!

    MerryStockings, as revealed in previous posts, has created a few new stocking lines for the upcoming season. Although it's only July, we have placed them on our site today. Here is a quick summary of how to get to those new products:

    Cable knit stockings:

    Cabin series stockings:

    Needlepoint stockings:

    Thanks for stopping by and we are confident you'll love our new lines.

  • Cable Knit Christmas Stockings

    Awhile back mentioned that we will be offering Cable Knit Christmas Stockings in 2011. After working with our manufacturer, we have completed the design and wanted to share a picture today. This particular stocking will come in RED and WHITE and will be available on our site to be purchased on June 1st (maybe a little earlier).

    If you have questions or want more information on this particular Christmas stocking, just let us know (888.764.2271).

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    New Product From MerryStockings

    New Product 2011: Available June 1st

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