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  • Christmas on the Farm

    farmlandThis past week I took a road trip to western Michigan. My husband was sent there on business, and since I had time off work I decided to join him for a few days. One thing I have always loved about road trips is riding through the country, seeing the roots of American life played out on farms everywhere. In our modern society where we think of beef wrapped in plastic from the meat counter, there is something charmingly primitive about seeing cows grazing on the hillside with the silo and barn as the backdrop.

    It is with this nostalgia that I present to you a brand new Bucilla stocking that we here at Merry Stockings designed ourselves! Bucilla is still doing the manufacturing of course, but we are so excited to offer to you this limited release, completely exclusive felt stocking kit with pure American love in our hearts.

    Christmas on the farmIn this unique and fun felt applique stocking, Santa is clearly working the family farm on his personalized tractor.  In true Christmas style, a green wreath with a cute red bow lights the way, and everyone'll know it's him by his license plate! And, we just couldn't leave out the silo, the barn and all the other adorable details! You can even modify some parts, like the license plate with the person's name. If you are a John Deere loyal fan, replace the tractor color with green, too!

    This stocking is perfect for those who love the farm life.....or anyone else (ahmmmm, me!) for that matter. You can order it, of course, from the Merry Stockings website, and this exclusive stocking kit will begin shipping September 10.



    Photo courtesy

  • Bucilla Goes Fishing


    Do you have a junior fisherman in your house? Or even a junior fisher-woman? I have great memories of my son walking around the lake near our home with his fishing pole--a long, curved stick--wearing a real fisherman's hat and of course his boots. :) He'd gone fishin', simple as that! I may be a bit partial, but I do believe he was the cutest little boy around on those particular days.

    Imagine your little fisherman getting this stocking for Christmas! Decked out with all the necessary fishing gear, made complete with that adorable fishing "fly" on his hat, this stocking will be a sure hit for the little guy. This is a classic Bucilla stocking kit and has been discontinued by Bucilla, but Merry Stockings carries it as a part of our older vintage stocking line. You can get this charming stocking for 25% off today!

    The kit comes complete with beads, felt, embroidery floss, sequins, needle and of course your easy to follow instructions. The finished product is 18" and you can order it from the Merry Stockings website. The kit will ship out to you pronto so you can get started right away.



  • Joy to the World | A Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit

    Joy to the WorldHello there! We are getting really close to the end of July, a time when most people are enjoying a much deserved vacation or a planned golf trip or some other summery adventure. Not many are thinking about Christmas too much. Okay, most aren't thinking about it at all. :) But, wait a second, apparently there are exceptions to every rule. If you've never met anyone who thinks about Christmas this early, you've either never met me OR anyone who handcrafts Bucilla Christmas stockings.

    I popped over to our Facebook page and look what I found! This Joy to the World Bucilla stocking was created by one of our customers who was kind enough to take a picture and send it to us. She did a fantastic job, don't you think? I love this captures the true meaning of Christmas with charm and simplicity. Isn't it just the cutest, and at the same time lovely thing?

    The good news is that you won't pay and arm and a leg for this kit. The list price to begin with is pretty low, but you can get 24% off by ordering it today.  The kit comes complete with everything you need to create this stocking:  beads, felt, embroidery floss, sequins, a needle, and of course a set of easy-to-follow instructions.

    We don't have too many of this Bucilla stocking kit, so if you would like to see this hanging on the mantle for some very special person in your life, head on over and order now.  Don't wait, these'll be gone before you know it.

  • Christmas Tree Skirts

    cherry on a spoon snowWinter has definitely arrived here in Minneapolis! I won't even tell you the temperature because it's just so ridiculous (okay, you twisted my arm, it's a whole 1* right now!). But, we do have snow, a nice blanket of it, covering up the brown of winter. Have to say, if you can be tucked inside with a cup of hot cocoa, the snow on the ground is so darn pretty.

    Christmas tree skirts in my house growing up were nothing more than a white sheet bunched up and gathered so as to look like drifting snow under the tree.  My mom was pretty creative that way. But, I happen to know that if she had seen the Christmas Tree skirts that are out today, she would have had one of them on display in a NY minute!

    Ivory-Tree-Skirt-2This white ivory quilted tree skirt is so gorgeous. It is reminiscent of days gone by with the quilted feature, but the solid ivory white color with simple embroidered personalization speaks to a more modern time of clean lines, uncluttered and elegant. The back of the skirt closes with fabric covered buttons and looks so classy. Love! You can find this skirt on the Merry Stockings website, and it's not too late for this year!

    If you are in the market for new stockings, how about matching ones?! Check them out here ~ and they come in white, red or green!


    Photo courtesy



  • Deal of the Day!

    DealOfTheDayNobody loves a deal better than this Minnesota girl, and today we've got not one, but THREE deals to share. Today we are featuring three Bucilla kits that we've got in stock in a limited supply with prices slashed by up to 40% off!

    happy santaFirst up is the Bucilla Happy Santa Stocking Kit that displays a super happy Santa on an adorable red plaid background. And these socks are no gold toed socks from Sears, but boast holly instead. At just $14.99, and coming to your door complete, this is a real steal.

    santas wreathNext up is the Bucilla Santa's Wreath Stocking Kit, a jolly green stocking that pairs perfectly with Happy Santa. There are a few more of these available, but they won't last; so snap your complete kit up for $14.99 before they are gone.

    NAnd last, but definitely not least, we are offering the Bucilla In The Workshop Ornament Set Kit. In this kit you'll receive everything you need to make 6 different ornaments, and I think these little guys would make really cute little package toppers, no?! And at just $19.99 for the whole set, you can afford to get a couple of them. Hurry tho, these are going to fly off the shelves.

    If you've never worked a Bucilla Kit, you will be pleasantly surprised by how fun it is to create these heirloom pieces for your loved ones.


  • Triple Ginger Sandwich Cookies ~ Gluten Free!

    Triple Ginger Sandwich CookiesIt is no secret to my family and friends that I love everything there is about the fall season. It may or may not be because my birthday falls somewhere in there, hehee. But, seriously, one of the treats I look forward to all year long is the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte that the coffee shops seem to have perfected over the last couple of years. Sipping on one of those, whipped cream coating my upper lip, mmm, yes, that is nothing short of flavor heaven in my book.

    So imagine me, this lover of all things pumpkin and cinnamon and ginger, learning that gluten was not my friend. There are a lot of things that us gluten free folks must forgo, but letting go of my gingerbread cookies in the fall was one of the harder ones. That is, until I found a quite amazing recipe for Triple Ginger Sandwich Cookies! Oh, wow, these guys are fabulous, so full of flavor and warmth and even the white stuff in the middle is tempting and scrumptious. And, the fact that they are gluten free AND taste divine had my little heart beating a little faster. :-)

    I will warn you, tho . . . most things we talk about here on Merry Stockings are of the simple variety. This recipe, mostly because of the mixture of different kinds of flours, is a bit more complicated. If you've been navigating the gluten free world for awhile now, this recipe, what with the potato starch and brown rice flour, etc., won't rattle you. For the newbies, it may be a bit more work to combine these flours, but the alternative is to never have sweet treats again. And, for most of us, that just isn't going to happen, right? Right.

    The other really really great thing about this recipe is that it uses THREE forms of ginger: ground, fresh grated and candied. The flavor is deep and complex, so soo good. Your friends are going to be asking you how you made these, I promise. They are delightfully ginger-y through and through.

    I wouldn't change a thing to this recipe, as so often when you are combining flours to mimic the gluten in all purpose flour, the quantities have to be exact. A big thanks to Gluten Free Canteen for going to all the trouble to kitchen-test this recipe so we can all look like master cookie chefs. I encourage you, if you are traveling this gluten free lifestyle with me, to check out her blog. She's got some other really tummy-happy pumpkin recipes that you are going to fall in love with, guaranteed.

    So, Merry Gingerbread season!

    P.S. Speaking of cookies, we just got the Bucilla Christmas Cookies Felt Applique Stocking Kit back in stock! Supplies are limited, so hurry over to the Merry Stockings website and order today. Price is currently listed at 17% off.

  • Announcing: A Wise Addition to the Cabin Series Christmas Stockings

    owl additionThis week Merry Stockings introduces a brand new addition to the Cabin Series Christmas Stocking line! The wise Christmas Owl on Skates will join the Moose, the Penguin, the Reindeer and the Bear, the foursome that we introduced to you a couple of years ago. Can you think of a person that either loves owls or, maybe even, reminds you of one? You know, wise, seasoned, quiet?

    cabin seriesAll of the stockings in this sweet set are made from a brown quilted cotton material, and feature a corduroy cuff and toe. So cute! Mr. Owl on Skates is hand-sewn onto the stocking, and of course you can personalize it too. The finished product measures 21" from top to bottom, and the new kid on the block also brings a new low price to the entire series for a limited time: $19.99 each which is 43% off regular price!

    Our turn around for this new item is 3-4 business days, and of course comes with our satisfaction guarantee.

    So, what might you be waiting for? Order here today!


  • Building a Christmas Notebook: Lists

    Makin' a list, checkin' it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice . . . I've been humming this the last couple of days as I thought about the list section of our Christmas notebooks. Does anyone else live their everyday lives by lists?  Some of the best-organized people do. When I have a huge project or an insane amount of work to get done in a short amount of time, lists are definitely my friend. And, yes, I have been known to put things ON my list just so I can check them off! Anybody relate?!

    We are in the middle of a series of posts about how to put together a Christmas Notebook, that one place where all things Christmas reside to make your holiday season less stressful and rushed. We've already picked up our supplies, and have started our books with an Ideas tab at the front. If you missed the last post that gave tips for saving and implementing all of your genius ideas, you can find it here. Today, let's work on our lists.

    Who do you want to give a Christmas gift to? What about Christmas cards and all those addresses? And, events, what events are traditional for you and what others would you include if you were better organized? There are dozens of possibilities for lists, all determined by your own traditions and tastes! Here are the ones that I am starting with:

    • Christmas card addresses -- even though you have these addresses in a separate address book or perhaps even stored online somewhere, take the time to gather those addresses for this notebook. Keep track of who sends you a card each year; these are your primary relationships! Don't leave it up to your memory as to who you sent a card to last year or who sent you one.
    • Gift recipients -- of course your family members and some close friends will be on this list, but also remember the service people that grace your lives every day. Some ideas that come to mind are the postman/UPS/FedEx drivers, the newspaper delivery person, cleaning help, garbage collector . . . anyone who makes your life a little easier throughout the year. The gift doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate; it's the sentiment and the thought that count the most.
    • Events -- Christmas programs, plays, concerts, parades, parties and open houses (yours, too!). As you are notified of these dates, you'll add them to your calendar (which we'll get to later). If you host an annual Christmas open house and have a different theme each year, keep track of that here. When your calendar gets too busy to include certain events you hear about during the holiday season, jot them down in this section to plan to attend next year. You get the idea.
    • Recipes -- Oh the treasured recipes that are passed down through the generations! Keep a list of them here, and what cookbook or recipe file you store them in. Keep track of what you made last year that was a big hit, new recipes you want to try, and those secret family heirloom delectables!
    • Decorating -- Throughout the year some of your family members will get married, couples will have babies or adopt, puppies and kittens will become family members, and they are all going to need a stocking. We've got your covered on this one! With ready-made stockings to personalize and kits that you put together yourself, these stockings will become treasured heirlooms! So, when life events take place that add new members to your circle, jot their names down in this section. Also, if you put out lawn decorations or have a light display, are there pieces that need replacing or updating? Keep track of what you need for the following season, and then hit up some of the post-season sales. It's a great way to save a lot of money!

    What other lists can you think of to include in our Christmas notebooks?


    Photo courtesy

  • Personalized Christmas Stockings

    All the buzz is certainly about Black Friday shopping right now, but I prefer to spend the day after Thanksgiving at home. Not shopping online, but decorating for Christmas! I add a little peppermint flavoring to my coffee, put on some holiday music and get to work. If I'm alone in the house, I can get most of it done in a day, but this year the boys were around to "help", so it's still in-progress. :)

    One of the jobs still left is wrapping pine garland and lights around the banister, so our stockings can be hung on top. Since we don't have a fireplace mantle, I just tie the stockings onto the railing with ribbon. Having names on each stocking is such a fun way to make each person feel special, even before it's brimming with gifts on Christmas morning.

    Merry Stockings offers a wide range of personalized stockings to suit your personal style and decor. For the traditionalist, there are classic velvet stockings. If you prefer a more modern look, consider the cable-knit or quilted cotton stockings.

    For something truly unique, there are heirloom-quality wool stockings. They are available in designs such as snowflakes, stripes, and a variety of other Christmas icons too. These custom stockings are completely sourced and made in the USA.

    And if you're one of the lucky ones with a mantle, don't forget the stocking hangers!

    Question of the Day: If you're a parent, does your personalized stocking display your name or Mom/Dad?


  • Burlap Christmas Decorations

    You've probably noticed that burlap is hot in home decor. Perhaps because it can complement so many decorating styles, this simple fabric is showing up everywhere from do-it-yourself projects to chic home stores. Christmas decorating is certainly no exception. A quick perusal of Pinterest turned up a treasure trove of burlap items.

    One of the simplest ways to add burlap to your home is on the dining table. A simple length of fabric can serve as a runner to anchor your centerpiece and serving platters. Or take it to the next level by weaving together 2 colors of burlap, as shown by the gals at Six Sisters Stuff. Yes, that's right, you can buy colored burlap - just imagine the additional possibilities! :)

    Michelle at Sweet Something Designs layered burlap placemats over red plaid for a nice textural contrast. As she demonstrates with her outdoor tablescape, this look could easily be tweaked to work for any season or holiday.

    If you're interested in a little splash of burlap in the living room, a throw pillow is perfect. Etsy, the source for so much handmade loveliness, has several cute options for Christmas and winter. Or try making one yourself, using Amy's example at All In A Day.






    How about a little burlap on the front door? There are many different styles of  burlap wreaths, to suit any taste. Most use some type of embellishment.






    Allison, from A Glimpse Inside, wrapped the burlap around a form and added ribbon medallion flowers. Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous used strips of burlap, and Brooke created a ruffled look.

    Kathryn of NannyGoat wove a wire hanger through a long strip of burlap; you can't get much thriftier than that! She also attached her fabric rosettes with pins instead of glue, so that they easily can be switched out for different accent pieces in another season.

    Check out these adorable Christmas trees, made using burlap and other materials. Once again, the unique texture is what makes this fabric really stand out.

    Artsy Va Va added some metal stars to give her trees a more rustic look. The Shanty 2 Chic versions combine burlap and canvas fabrics for a clean, crisp wintry design - check out both tutorials, for the ruffled tree and the one covered with rosettes.


    In keeping with this trend, Merry Stockings is excited to present a new personalized burlap stocking. Choose red or green trim, the perfect look for your mantle this year.

    If this post has inspired you to try some burlap crafting, here are a few tips:

    • If you aren't able to find colored burlap, you can spray-paint it any color you want! (from Brooke at All Things Thrifty)
    • Burlap will dull your good fabric scissors, so use an old or inexpensive pair. (from Six Sisters' Stuff)

    Do you have any burlap decor items in your home? Anything you made yourself?


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