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Christmas tree skirt

  • Christmas Tree Skirts

    cherry on a spoon snowWinter has definitely arrived here in Minneapolis! I won't even tell you the temperature because it's just so ridiculous (okay, you twisted my arm, it's a whole 1* right now!). But, we do have snow, a nice blanket of it, covering up the brown of winter. Have to say, if you can be tucked inside with a cup of hot cocoa, the snow on the ground is so darn pretty.

    Christmas tree skirts in my house growing up were nothing more than a white sheet bunched up and gathered so as to look like drifting snow under the tree.  My mom was pretty creative that way. But, I happen to know that if she had seen the Christmas Tree skirts that are out today, she would have had one of them on display in a NY minute!

    Ivory-Tree-Skirt-2This white ivory quilted tree skirt is so gorgeous. It is reminiscent of days gone by with the quilted feature, but the solid ivory white color with simple embroidered personalization speaks to a more modern time of clean lines, uncluttered and elegant. The back of the skirt closes with fabric covered buttons and looks so classy. Love! You can find this skirt on the Merry Stockings website, and it's not too late for this year!

    If you are in the market for new stockings, how about matching ones?! Check them out here ~ and they come in white, red or green!


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  • O Christmas Tree

    issuu.comO Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,
    How lovely are your branches!
    O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,
    How lovely are your branches!
    In beauty green will always grow
    Through summer sun and winter snow.
    O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
    How lovely are your branches!

    I've already shared with you how I was always that girl who wanted the tallest, widest, biggest tree on the lot only to get it  home and have to have the boys cut off an inch or two (okay, a foot) just to get it in the door. When we lived for a brief time in a condominium that disallowed real trees, I purchased my first ever artificial tree. It was a sad day indeed!

    But, that artificy was small and slender and not messy, lending it at least a little saving grace (emphasis on little). What if we could combine the real smell of pine with a small size AND be kind to the environment? ENTER: the live Christmas tree! Just like the infamous Christmas carol sings, "In beauty green will always grow through summer sun and winter snow..." You really can have it all!

    Whether you grow this live Christmas tree yourself or purchase it from a grower, there are a few things to know that differ from trees that are cut down.

    • If you live in a cool/cold climate, introduce your live tree slowly to the warmer environment of your home by putting it in  your unheated garage or porch for a few days. If you bring it the house straight away, it will signal it to start growing which isn't a problem in the short run, but if you plan to plant the tree in your yard after the season (and this is such a fantastic idea on so many levels), that burst of growth will not be a good thing.
    • While it's in the garage, check it for insects, critters, eggs. Needless to say, you don't want to skip this step. :)
    • Place the tree ball in a large galvanized tub and locate it in the coolest room of the house so that it retains as much moisture as possible.
    • Use rocks and/or bricks to stabilize the tree so that it stands upright securely.
    • Decorate as you normally would, and water the tree regularly so as to keep the roots/burlap ball moist but not soaking wet.
    • When it's time to introduce it back outside, reverse the process by placing the de-decorated tree in the garage for a few days. And, then plant it!

    It's best to limit the tree's indoor time to no more than 10 days. With three tree likely appearing last on the scene, going this route might require an adjustment to your normal way of decorating for the holidays. But, I really really like this gives everyone the opportunity to anticipate the tree while enjoying all the other activities that go with the season.

    Check out some of the decorations that Merry Stockings has on the website, too. There are stocking kits, ornaments, Christmas Tree skirts and more! Shop early for the best pricing. :)


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  • A Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

    driftwood treeI have always been the girl who wants the biggest Christmas tree on the lot. And, I admit, there have been more than a few times that we get the tree home, and the boys have to cut off several inches to sometimes even a foot so it'd fit!

    A few years ago, I broke myself of that habit when we lived in a small condo in the suburbs of was efficient, cute and served our purposes and needs at the time. But, when Christmas came and it was time to put the tree up, there was a lot of shuffling of things around in order to make room for it. No big, expansive bird-nesting tree for us! If only I'd seen this idea back then!

    We now live in a restored mansion with big, expansive rooms, and honestly? I still think this would be fantastic as a second tree, say above the fireplace or just on any blank wall? Yes, please! Once Christmas is over, the driftwood "shelves" could pull double duty and hold other decorative items. The rustic feel of this space-saving tree would also work perfectly at the cabin where extended family gather to celebrate the holidays.

    So practical, so pretty, so charming!! Hang your ornaments, string your lights, top it with a star or angel. Even a pretty little skirt around the bottom would absolutely work.


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  • Christmas in July special

    So recently we learned that some Christmas companies advertise some great specials in July and call it "Christmas in July". Well we certainly hope you are enjoying summer and aren't thinking to much about Christmas already, but in case the inner planner in you wants to procure some Christmas items on special, we have some deals for you this July. The first product we want to call attention to is our velvet Christmas tree skirt. This particular version is trimmed in green and red and matches one of our more popular products (seen here: red and green velvet stockings). Normally this tree skirt runs $59.99 (embroidery included), but during July it's 50% off. To capitalize on this deal, click the order link here: Christmas Tree Skirt Special, and you'll be taken to that page. We hope you take advantage of this deal. We will have more deals during July as well. Stay tuned...

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Red and Green Velvet Stockings to match Tree Skirt

  • Bestsellers: Our Customer's Top Five Favorite Products has been a provider of top quality Christmas-themed products for years now. Our customers have kept coming back to us for personalized Christmas stuff that they can proudly give to or share with their friends, family, colleagues and even bosses. We take delight in ensuring customer satisfaction and we go out of our way to make sure that your Christmas truly is a merry one.

    Over the years, we have been blessed to become a trusted source for Christmas gifts. If you are having a hard time deciding on a particular gift, then take a look at what other customers — people like you — have bought from us!

    1. Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirts

    Our personalized Christmas tree skirts serve not only to further beautify your Christmas tree, but also to help you keep safe and tidy during the holiday season. These skirts catch pine needles from your tree while also making it easier for you to water your tree so it doesn't get too dry that it causes fires.

    You also have a choice to personalize it with three choices of fonts: italic, block or script.

    2. Red Velvet Personalized Christmas Stocking with White Velvet Cuff

    This is a real Christmas classic and is a very sellable one too. Made out of elegant velvet, the white and red truly reminds you of the Christmas season. It's something that is familiar to everyone yet our personalization options make it truly unique to you or your recipients!

    3. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

    Share the memories as you give your loved ones personalized photo ornaments that they would be proud to decorate their Christmas trees with. The beauty of our ornaments is that these are made of quality materials and the print is in full color with very high resolution. You don't get a cheap looking ornament that you would rather throw away rather than display, but beautiful reminders of good times.

    4. Character Stockings

    These are a great hit with children. With fun and whimsical characters, the tan corduroy and red velvet combination makes for a different type of Christmas stocking that veers away from the traditional. These are hand-swen Christmas characters depicting elves, angels, snowmen and gingerbread men like you've never seen them before. gives you a bonus this Christmas! knows how difficult it is to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones. So we're introducing an alternative. You can truly give your friends, family and colleagues the gift they've always wanted with our gift certificates.

    It's very convenient too, just give the the code and your recipients will be able to shop on our sites for themselves!

  • Christmas Tree Skirt: 3 Safety Tips

    A Christmas tree skirt is a must have if you plan on using natural Christmas trees.

    As most people prefer larger Christmas trees, they find that it is very difficult to water the tree. As a result, the stand looks very unsightly. Tree skirts are a great way to cover this up.

    Christmas tree skirts also make your life easier by catching the needles as they fall, so that you wouldn't have too much of a mess.

    In short, Christmas tree skirts not only covers up the unsightly base of the tree, they can also be very functional.

    Over the years, people have come to make or buy their own Christmas tree skirt. As such, Christmas tree skirts come in different sizes and shapes. Some are made of felt, some out of simple cloth. There are those who keep their tree skirts open, while some prefer to attach Velcro on it. have three safety tips for you with regards to tree skirts.

    1. Trip magnets. A lot of people have tripped on tree skirts. To avoid this, make sure that your tree skirts are smaller in diameter than the largest part of your Christmas tree.

    2. Choose an open tree skirt. While Velcro helps keep the tree skirt in place, it also makes it very difficult for you to water the tree. Remember that a dry tree is a fire hazard!

    3. Keep away from children. Ideally, you should keep the tree skirt out of your children's reach. A child pulling on the tree skirt could very well bring the whole Christmas tree down on himself or herself. Avoid injury by placing the tree skirt out of a child's reach.

    If this is not possible, make sure that you wire the tree to a wall or the ceiling. have a great selection of tree skirts that your family and your friends would love. We recommend The Santa Tree Skirt, which features Santa Claus woven on an elegant tan corduroy with a beautiful red velvet band. It may also be personalized to make it more special.

  • Christmas Crafts: Christmas Tree Skirts

    If you have a talent for sewing, knitting, or crocheting, then you might want to consider creating your own Christmas tree skirts this Christmas.  It is a fairly simple and fun project.

    Aside from that, it is great to have something personalized and customized for you and your family to celebrate the holidays with.  Plus, it helps you blend any Christmas tree with the design philosophy you might have in mind for the year.  Christmas tree skirts also makes for a great gift idea.  The fact that you made it yourself would show your recipient that you took time to come up with a gift for them, and will surely love the fact that their tree skirt is uniquely theirs.

    What are Christmas tree skirts?

    These skirts are usually made of fabric and is wrapped around the base of your tree.  This helps you hide the base of your tree and provides a good place to place your gifts on.

    Sewing Your Own Christmas Tree Skirts

    To make your own, you simply need to have a good fabric and embellishments like tassels, lace trims, fringes, fur, felt appliques, stick-on letters.  There are a lot of tutorials online that are easy to follow, but here are recommendations from

    If you are the visual type, there are video guides available online.  Our favorite video tutorial is here.  You would be surprised at how easy it actually is!

    You could have different design ideas from TLC from this URL:

    While has an impressive collection of Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns here.

    While most tree skirts are round, it does not have to be.  You can make your tree skirt square, star shaped, or follow a flower pattern.  We recommend this hexagonal beauty, just to prove that tree skirts do not exactly have to be round.

    If you just cannot stand sewing, or would like to make a Christmas tree skirt together with your kids, you can opt for a no-sew Christmas tree skirt, just like this one from Home and Garden Television.

    Of course, if you do not have the talent or the time, you could simply skip all these and just buy a personalized Christmas tree skirt like this one:

  • a great season in the mirror, your online source for personalized Christmas stockings and other Holiday Decor' items finished out a great 2009 season. We'd like to thank all of our customers for making it a great success! In early 2009, we detailed changes that were forthcoming that would make a better company (2009 post about improvements). In that same fashion, I want to share a few thoughts about what you're going to see from in 2010.

    1. New Christmas stockings to choose from! Our original product line has been depleted which allows us to re-design our product line and bring you more and better Christmas Stockings! You'll see all new fabrics, such as a wool series as well as new designs like a needlepoint Christmas stockings series.

    2. Matching decor' products! This year you will not only be able to purchase a beautiful personalized Christmas stockings, but you will be able to order a matching personalized Christmas tree skirt.

    3. Christmas Stocking hangers! This year MerryStockings will be offering a new, exclusive line of Christmas stocking hangers!

    4. A few other changes!...I can't divulge all of our changes but we will also feature a few new features on our website that no one else has that will make the ordering process really neat! We'll also be offering some additional personalized Christmas related products like personalized Santa Hats, Baby's First Ornaments, etc.

    Stay tuned to our blog for updates as we continue to tweak 2010 designs and begin sharing that information with you!

    Thanks for your business and support!


  • Christmas Tree Skirts - Personalized for your Family!

    MerryStockings offers three very attractive personalized Christmas tree skirts. These skirts are made with high quality fabrics and stunning details. All of our personalized skirts come embroidered with your family name on them (or whatever you want embroidered). Take a look here:

    Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirts

    ***Post updated 3/29/11***

  • History of the Christmas tree skirt

    Christmas tree skirts are a very popluar holiday decorating item here in America. The history of the tree skirt didn't start here in America though. It's not totally confirmed but most believe that the tradition of the tree skirt began in Germany! The Germans were the first people to begin decorating the Christmas tree. They started out by attaching bows to the tree. Then they attached lit candles to the bows. The problem of melting wax arose and to catch the wax from collecting on the floor they created the Christmas tree skirt. Thus the tradition was born.

    Today you can order Christmas tree skirts in a lot different shapes, fabrics and varities. To get a look at a sampling of one companies offereings click here. Some people try and coordinate their Christmas tree skirt with other holiday decor items. Our personalized Christmas stockings at MerryStockings are made out of modern, attractive colors that should work with a lot Christmas tree skirts if you are trying to coordinate different decor items.

    Shop personalized Christmas stockings now.

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