• Got Some Spare Change?

    A few days ago my husband and I were driving downtown to an outdoor concert, and were scrounging for quarters to feed the parking meter. We both have our individual stashes of loose change, his much more extensive than mine because he's a coin collector. I have a little metal container that I picked up at the dollar store. It's intended use is to chill wine, but I've always used it as my change bin. At the end of the day, I empty my pockets and dump my change in there.

    I know a lot of other people do this too, and some are much more intentional about how they use this spare change. But for us, it’s always been more about keeping all that change out of our pockets and having it pretty much in one place. It’s always surprising how quickly it all adds up!

    We found what we needed for our trip downtown, but I started thinking about how the nickels and dimes and quarters that we save like this is money that we don't really miss and even sometimes forget it's there. It's nice to have these little stashes around the house for times like this, but here’s an even better idea. What if we took that change and did something intentional, something charitable with it?

    There are so many possibilities! Here are just a few to get started:

    • Provide all the ingredients for a holiday meal to give to a family in need.
    • Pay someone's light bill.
    • Pay for the coffee/food order for the car behind you in the drive thru line.
    • Buy a Christmas stocking for a needy child and fill it with goodies.

    Saving to give! I think I like that!

    P. S. Speaking of Christmas stockings, make sure to check out our website and see all the new items we have this year. And, since we’re talking about saving money, we’ve got a discount code for you to use all summer long! You’ll save 10% off your online order when you use this reference code: 2013SUMMER.

  • NEW Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit - Raggedy Ann

    Bucilla Christmas stocking kits are a fun craft and if you are looking for a unique Christmas stocking that will last years, then Bucilla stockings are peftect! Every year Bucilla discontinues some stocking kits and debut's new kits. One of those new kits this year is the Raggedy Ann Christmas Stocking Kit. Bucilla has also launched a matching Raggedy Ann ornament kit. You can check out both kits on our website. You can also save 10% on already discounted prices by using the discount code saveten.

    Here is the link for the Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit Raggedy Ann

    Here is the link for the Bucilla Christmas Ornament Kit Raggedy Ann

    Thanks for stopping by!

    The MerryStockings team

  • Top Five Ways to Save with

    Christmas is over, and we are now just starting with the new year. The year 2011 promises to be a great year for all of us, but we just can't wait for it to be Christmas again.

    At, we always want you to save on your Christmas decorations, holiday cards and gifts. Who says that it is too early to play Santa? Over here, it's Christmas all year round with our top five ways to save when you shop with!

    1. Save on shipping costs. Plan to give your friends, co-workers, neighbors and everybody who live nearby our Christmas decorations, stockings, holiday cards and tree skirts and save on shipping costs on orders worth more than $75!

    2. Sign up for the Merry Stockings newsletter. Be updated when a new design or product comes in, or perhaps you would want to be the first to know about a discount or a sale that we are having. The best way to do this is to sign up for the Merry Stockings newsletter and get up to the minute news on new inventory, site changes and discounts! Not only that, our newsletter subscribers get a special offer when they sign up!

    3. Shop online and forget the inconvenience. Save some dough and save Mother Earth by shopping online. No more jostling for parking space, or using up gas. What's more, everything on the site is free. From email to an online order form, to a toll-free hotline, you won't spend a cent ordering with us!

    4. Avail of our discounts. Over time, we give out sizable discounts for our products. Right now is the best time to hoard merchandise as we offer you 25% off on all products except for stocking kits. Just use the code, "clearance", when you place an order.

    5. Hassle-free returns. At, we take utmost care in making sure that you are happy with our products. If for some reason you are not happy, simply return the merchandise at our expense!

  • Top 5 Christmas Shopping Tips

    Christmas shopping does not have to be stressful. Well, not if you follow’s tips!

    1. Make a gift list and stick with it.

    Before even entering the mall, make sure that you have a list of people that you'd give gifts to. This would make sure that you do not end up buying something out of impulse.

    2. Buy quality products.

    Think about the person you are giving the gift to. What do you think he or she would like or want? Then seek out inexpensive but durable gifts. Same thing with Christmas cards, you should make it apparent that you wanted to impress the recipient and make them feel special and remembered.

    3. Shop early.

    There is no rule that says that you can not buy gifts early on. Buy gifts months or weeks before can certainly save you from the hassle of elbowing your way through the aisle, the horrendous traffic and the mad rush for a parking space. What is more, you can get more discounts when you shop early. It also helps when you are ordering personalized Christmas gifts. Advanced shopping ensures that your gift will arrive on time to the recipient.

    4. Avoid the rush. Shop online.

    If you find yourself still needing to buy gifts and you hate the thought of the Christmas crowd, then you should shop on a weekday morning, where the crowd is the thinnest. Or you can shop online. Just be sure that the site you are buying from is a reputable and secure site.

    5. Keep the receipts.

    Do not throw away your receipts before your recipient has opened the gift and you see that it is perfect. You might find that a toy you gave your son has a missing part, or a sweater is too big for your sister. It is always good to be able to have these replaced. has a wide array of Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings that could be the perfect gift for friends and family. Make them feel special with a personalized gift this Christmas!

  • How to Save on Decorating This Christmas – Part II

    In yesterday’s post, we have talked about reusing old decorations and being creative with it as two ways to save on Christmas decorations. Both are guaranteed to help you have a fabulous Christmas decors without spending too much. wants you to enjoy the season without the stress, so here are two more:

    3. Repurpose everything. You can easily use Christmas decorations for other purposes. For example, tree ornaments from the previous years could be cleaned and placed in a bowl and serve as an eye-catching and relevant centerpiece for your tables. Power Tip: Create a Christmas card wall! If you have saved those beautiful Christmas cards that you and your family receive every single year, then you can post these on one wall of your living room. Not only will you have captured the holiday cheer, it will warm you with the reminder that you are truly loved and remembered by friends.

    4. Shop for new decors on a budget. Even if you do reuse and repurpose old Christmas decorations, it would still be nice to have new accents. The good news is that you could easily find lovely Christmas decorations online that are very light on the budget. The possibilities are endless and the variety is just awesome, that you could easily find what you want online. What is more, you have the option to customize these decorations too.

    Further, you can opt to make your own Christmas decorations. Scour the Internet for some really nice tutorials on how to make decors. Chances are, you will be surprised at how easy and beautiful home made decorations are.

    Lastly, you could get lower prices if you buy out of season. Christmas decorations bought now are cheaper than the same ones bought in December. This is plainly the law of supply and demand. Power Tip: New accents and decorations can add a whole new look to what you have, and it does not really have to be expensive. Check out our main site at to see the great personalized and customized holiday decors we have.

  • Black Friday Shopping Websites

    Black Friday is a huge day for shoppers – especially those that are trying to save money. It’s a well known fact that Black Friday can yield some really great savings. Here at we celebrate Black Friday ourselves and usually get out and try to take advantage of the great deals. To honor those that do some online Black Friday shopping we’ve created a Black Friday code for use on this highly anticipated day. Check back on the 26th for the discount code which will yield great savings on your favorite personalized christmas stockings.

    We’ve also prowled the web and found a few sites that are devoted to Black Friday and are flush with tips and ways to save money this holiday shopping season: - this website is a compilation portal for all things Black Friday. They say on their website that the newspaper ads are not released until a couple of days prior to Black Friday, but are released via the web weeks in advance. They also feature forums where users can interact with one another share tips on how to save money on Black Friday. Very helpful and informative site! - this is another site that aggregates Black Friday deals. They don't have forums or a way to interact with other users. That fact aside, very helpful site devoted to Black Friday. -  very robust site that features helpful information on Black Friday. The main site ( looks like it features deals all year long and then the Black Friday site is a sub site. Either way, very nice interface, tons of information and tons of members. On the homepage they boast over 160K members - which if you use the forums you'll surely find helpful information from one of these members as you hunt for the perfect deal.

    Enjoy the shopping season!

  • Discount on Christmas Stockings

    We are now featuring our popular red, green and white Christmas stockings with braided cords, on sale for a limited time.  We'll continue to discount different styles from day to day so check back often.  Merry Christmas!

  • Pottery Barn Stockings vs. Target Stockings


    Last Christmas, a dispute arose over Target's Christmas stocking designs. Pottern Barn said that Target copied their designs illegally and filed a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement. Proving that your competitor is copying you can be pretty subjective; you be the judge:

    Target and Pottery Barn Stockings

    We at MerryStockings are still finalizing our designs for 2007. Help us decide what looks to create and you can get a 20% discount!

    Shop now (not at Pottery Barn or Target) for personalized christmas stockings at

  • Discount on personalized Christmas stockings


    Our full line of 2007 personalized christmas stockings will be available soon. In the meantime sign up to get discounts on personalized Christmas stockings by joining our e-newsletter.

    Shop now for personalized christmas stockings at

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