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  • Top 4 Personalized Gifts for Your Loved Ones

    Christmas is all about giving, but this does not mean that you would have to rob a bank to make sure that you give your family and friends something nice.  The trick to giving the greatest gifts that they will remember for years to come is to think and decide carefully what each of them would want.  Consider what they treasure or cherish the most.  Then think of gifts that you can make or buy that would fulfill that.  Here are some gift ideas that we at think would be PERFECT for just about anybody.

    1. Coupon book.  This might be an old idea, but it never fails to bring a smile to your loved one's lips.  Give them a coupon book that they can avail anytime.  It could be a free coupon for a breakfast in bed, or a work-free weekend.  Make sure that there are enough treats that they could redeem from you like a foot massage, a back rub, or a free lawn mowing.  The ideas are endless and it shows them that you would do anything for them if they just ask for it.

    2. Edible goodies.  It could be a Christmas cake or Christmas cookies, or just about anything that you could conjure up in the kitchen.  If you do not have the time or the baking prowess, you can easily buy cookies at the dollar store and wrap them up nicely.  The key is to include a well thought out and personal note.

    3. The Movie Basket.  If your recipient is one who appreciates as good movie, then give him or her a movie basket.  Select a movie that you would think he or she would enjoy.  If your recipient has kids, get a family friendly movie that the whole family can enjoy.  You can also add in a pack of microwave popcorn or two.

    Personalized Christmas Stocking

    4. The Knick-knack Stockings. Get your friend or loved one personalized Christmas stockings and fill it up with knick-knacks that you would think they’d love.  For example, a co-worker with a sweet tooth would certainly love a stocking filled with candies and chocolates.  When they empty it of your knick-knacks, they can also reuse the Christmas stocking to hang over their fireplaces too!

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