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  • Sharing Your Love This Christmas

    It is an exciting time of the year as you prepare to spend your first Christmas as husband and wife. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of things to figure out such as what to do on Christmas day or where to spend Christmas eve.

    Admittedly, it is a time of adjustments. Sometimes you are thrown into a dilemma as to how to resolve things such as getting invited by both families on the same night for Christmas dinner, or how to get closer to in-laws. But nothing could spoil the fun you two want to have on your first Christmas together.

    Being newly-weds, you want the world to know of the momentous decision you made to share your life with somebody forever. How do you do that? shows you how to share your love this Christmas.

    1. Personalized Holiday Cards. A good way to reconnect with old friends and share with them the great news is to send them personalized Christmas cards. Nowadays, you could select your favorite photograph from your wedding or other scenes in your life together to create a homey and affectionate card. You could then fill in a greeting yourself or ask them how they were after detailing how your life has been as a married couple.

    2. Personalized Holiday Ornaments. Another way to share your love this Christmas is by sending out personalized photo ornaments that features you and your spouse. This would make a very unique statement that would surely excite your friends enough to call you and ask how you are.

    3. Invite friends and family over for dinner. Throw a lavish Christmas party at your new house or apartment. This would help your friends get to know your spouse and you to get to know your spouse's friends. It could also put you in a good position to get to know your in-laws better.

    The good thing with spending your first Christmas together is, that if done right, all these could very well set the stage for beautiful and enduring Christmas traditions for the future. So think about what you are going to do for this first Christmas together and do it well!

  • Snowflakes

    Another popular Christmas symbol is the snowflake.  Christmases in North America comes during the Winter season, making Christmas a time for snow for most parts of the country.  And it has been customary for people to play in the snow on Christmas day, or simply watch snow fall during the season.

    The snowflake, thus, has become one of Christmas' most enduring symbol. Because of its cool colors and beautiful symmetry, snowflakes have been used in Christmas decors. Over time, Christmas decorations have adapted the snowflake in its designs.  It is common to have Christmas ornaments in the shape of a snowflake.  Christmas cards sometimes feature a snowflake design. certainly is not to be outdone.  We have great products for you that also feature a snowflake theme.  All of these products can be personalized for that added intimate touch!

    We also have great looking Personalized Christmas Stockings with Snowflakes.  These simple yet eye-catching stockings are perfect for any fireplace and comes in green, white, and red.

    The Bucilla Felt Applique Christmas Stocking Kit: Snowflake includes sequins, beads and instructions to help you make a snowflake-themed Christmas stocking that would be perfect for D-I-Yers and crafty mothers!

  • Top 7 Things You Probably Don't Know about Holiday Cards

    Today, it is very common to send and receive Christmas cards.  It is one of the most cherished Christmas tradition that helps us keep in contact with friends and family, while also making them feel important to us. have compiled some interesting facts about Christmas cards.  Here are the top 7 things you probably do not know about Christmas cards.

    1. Christmas cards are the highest selling seasonal cards, cornering 60% of that market.  Among all cards, Christmas cards sell as high as birthday cards.  This is rather astonishing and shows that the Christmas card market is a lucrative one, considering that:

    • Americans buy around 7 billion greeting cards per year
    • The greeting cards sector is a $7.5 billion industry, and
    • More than 9 out of 10 households buy greeting cards.  The average household buy around 30 cards yearly.

    Also, take into consideration that greeting cards can cost from 50 cents to around $10!

    2. The average individual gets more than 20 cards per year.  One third of these are birthday cards and another third are Christmas cards!

    3. Ninety percent of Americans love getting cards and letters, because it makes them feel special and remembered, while also allowing them to keep in touch.

    4. Henry Cole commissioned the first-ever commercial Christmas greeting card in 1843.  The card was designed by John Horsley.

    5. Americans had to import Christmas cards from England for the first thirty years.

    6. Louis Prang, a German immigrant in the United States, published the first U.S. Christmas cards in 1875.  His business became so successful that he was creating 5 million cards a year by 1881!

    7. Hallmark says that more than 1.8 billion Christmas cards are sent out every year, including personalized Christmas cards.  This is more than 10 times more than the 152 million cards sent on Valentine's Day and 141 million cards sent on Mother's Day.

  • Why Electronic Greeting Cards Are a No-no

    With the advent of the Internet, it is now possible to send electronic cards to friends and family.  Indeed, with just a few steps that would only take minutes, you could already send out a holiday greeting.  You could also "personalize" it with a graphic of your choice, a personal note, even attach pictures or have it play a sound file (usually a midi version of a popular Christmas tune).

    Using your recipient's e-mail address, your Christmas greeting card is received in a matter of seconds.  Your recipient can click on the link on the e-mail he or she received to view your card.  He or she can then send you his or her own electronic greeting, as well as his or her other friends.

    Admittedly, the convenience of sending electronic greeting cards is a benefit that most of us cannot turn down.  What is more, it costs next to nothing to send one, with a lot of sites offering free e-cards for you to choose from.  But is it worth it? thinks it is not!  And here are the reasons why:

    1. It is very impersonal.  True you could personalize an electronic greeting card, but nothing beats getting one in the mail and reading handwritten notes from friends and family.  Also, there are some senders who for the lack of time or originality tend to just send the same note to everybody.

    2. It is not safe.  In this age of online hacking, phishing and identity theft attacks, opening a link on an e-mail is a no-no.  Even if the sender of the e-mail is a trusted friend, there is a chance that the link would take you to a Web site that could start sending you packets of data that could compromise your computer, download malware and spyware to it, and otherwise make you vulnerable for hacking and phishing.

    3. Most recipients do not open it or it gets caught by spam filters.  Because of the threat described above, a lot of people do not open greeting cards that are sent electronically.  Some ignore it because of the sheer volume of e-cards they receive.  While others miss out on it because it has been blocked by spam filters.

    This Christmas, know that you should keep touch with your friends and family even if they are far away from you.  The best way to do this is to send them a Christmas card.  Possibly, you could include pictures to update them how your family is like now.  Another alternative is to send the personalized holiday cards that would help decrease the cost of having to develop several copies of your photos.   With the right note, you can easily warm their hearts and make them feel treasured and cherished.

  • Decorate with Old Christmas Cards

    Christmas cards are the most convenient to give loved ones during the Holidays. But sometimes they are also the most meaningful. So it is not surprising if you have collected a lot of holiday greeting cards through the years.

    If you have gone through the old Christmas cards you have received from friends and family, there are those you will find too beautiful to just keep inside a box. There are cards with lovely winter scenes, Christmas trees, the nativity scene, the baby Jesus, and all other symbols of the season. And there are those special personalized Christmas cards.  There are actually ways to use, and show off, these old cards and the lovely images on the cover. says that you can decorate your home and get it ready for the holiday season using these cards. How?

    As Christmas tree trimmings. If you are not very sentimental, you can cut out the pretty pictures on the card cover (but do keep the messages). Punch out holes and tie with pretty little ribbons. You can then hang them on your trees, together with your Christmas balls and other tree trimmings.

    As door frame. If you cannot dare to cut the cards and would want them all intact, you can use them as is. Pick your favorites from among the cards and with a double-sided tape, arrange them around your door. You can see these cards every time you enter your house, or a room, and remember the people who gave them to you. It's a nice way to remember special people and the touching messages they wrote. If you don't want them to fall open and would just like to see their covers, you can use a tape to keep them close.

    As table centerpiece. You can pick out your favorite cards and improvise a centerpiece stand where you could hang or stick the cards on. You can use anything with a multi-tiered form, like a cupcake holder or stacked porcelain bowls. You can add red and green ribbons or other Christmas accents to complete the look.

    There are a lot of ways to use old cards for holiday decorations. If you are creative enough, the options are endless. You can create something beautiful, and you get to save money, too. If you think of it, this is a very creative, economical, and environment-friendly project. So next time you get another card, be sure to keep it and not throw it away.

  • Politically Correct Christmas Cards

    Christmas might be a predominantly Christian occasion, but not everybody who celebrates it is a Christian.  Often, we see embarrassing situations where a Jewish friend gets an overtly Christian holiday card with the nativity scene on it.  While some just shrug it off, a few may react strongly to the intrusion.

    Corporate America, especially those in the retail industry, have tried to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to Christmas promotions.  Most come up with advertisements greeting their patrons with a generic "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays".  The images they use are tied to no known religion or culture, except perhaps what is universally accepted as American.  This way, they avoid the trouble of having some group crying foul because of discrimination and they get to include as many people as possible in their wish of good cheer.

    The truth is that there are other holidays that are closely associated with the Christian Christmas and are celebrated very close to it.   The Jewish Hannukah and the Kwanzaa are just two of these holidays.  Both are marked by the exchange of gifts, although the reasons for celebrating both are very much different from Christmas.  Hannukah commemorates the rededication of the Jewish temple, while the Kwanzaa celebrates the heritage of African-Americans.

    Moreover, there are people who are not religious and they are inclined to be secular.  And then there are other celebrations like the New Year's.

    If you are planning to send out personalized holiday greeting cards this Christmas, then be sure to pick a design that is inclusive.  This way, you do not inadvertently offend any of your friends, and you get to save on costs.  Instead of having one set of cards for your Jewish friends, another for African-Americans, and yet another for your Christian friends, you can have a generic holiday card that still  conveys the season's festive moods and your own personal wish for a happy time for them and their families.  You can start by choosing from the designs we have on

    Get more design ideas here:

    Holiday Cards

  • Recommends: Personalized Greeting Cards

    It is not often that we here at talk about ourselves, but please indulge us if we do.  We are excited to present you with a list of our best designs for personalized greeting cards.  Check them out and you might just find the best vehicle for your personal greetings to family and friends!

    New Memories Holiday Greeting Card.  This greeting card design is perfect for growing families.  It speaks of optimism and growth for the new year, while also cherishing the year that has been.  You can include two photos of your family and add a personalized greeting at the middle.  You also would have plenty of space for an even more personal note at the back.

    Winter Florals Holiday Greeting Card.  They say that a black and white photos brings out the most dramatic of messages in a picture.  It can be boring too.  But with this greeting card design, the fun and colorful accents is sure to liven up your grayscale memories.  This is perfect for newly weds and those who have a few kids.

    Winter Circles Holiday Greeting Card. If you want to update your friends and family on how your kids look like now that they have grown up, you should select this design.  With space for a Christmas greeting along with three pictures, you could easily tell them that these are how the kids are doing now without spending too many words!  Our suggestion is to have a family portrait up front and two close-ups on the inner part of the cards. You could also use the space behind the card for a lengthier update or a more personalized note.

    Ornament Timeline Holiday Greeting Card.  Feeling shy about your pictures but have a lot to say, then get this card design!  It can feature all the highlights of the past year, or you could have greetings and messages show up on colorful hanging ornaments.  You can then choose what pictures to include and insert in the greeting card, or write up a more wordy personal note at the back.

  • How to Save on Decorating This Christmas – Part II

    In yesterday’s post, we have talked about reusing old decorations and being creative with it as two ways to save on Christmas decorations. Both are guaranteed to help you have a fabulous Christmas decors without spending too much. wants you to enjoy the season without the stress, so here are two more:

    3. Repurpose everything. You can easily use Christmas decorations for other purposes. For example, tree ornaments from the previous years could be cleaned and placed in a bowl and serve as an eye-catching and relevant centerpiece for your tables. Power Tip: Create a Christmas card wall! If you have saved those beautiful Christmas cards that you and your family receive every single year, then you can post these on one wall of your living room. Not only will you have captured the holiday cheer, it will warm you with the reminder that you are truly loved and remembered by friends.

    4. Shop for new decors on a budget. Even if you do reuse and repurpose old Christmas decorations, it would still be nice to have new accents. The good news is that you could easily find lovely Christmas decorations online that are very light on the budget. The possibilities are endless and the variety is just awesome, that you could easily find what you want online. What is more, you have the option to customize these decorations too.

    Further, you can opt to make your own Christmas decorations. Scour the Internet for some really nice tutorials on how to make decors. Chances are, you will be surprised at how easy and beautiful home made decorations are.

    Lastly, you could get lower prices if you buy out of season. Christmas decorations bought now are cheaper than the same ones bought in December. This is plainly the law of supply and demand. Power Tip: New accents and decorations can add a whole new look to what you have, and it does not really have to be expensive. Check out our main site at to see the great personalized and customized holiday decors we have.

  • christmas postage stamps from zazzle

    After sending out our family Christmas letters, which involved standing in line at the Post Office for about an hour to buy "just the right stamps", I recently came across an option that I think I will use in future years. Consider custom postage stamps! You can get them at Zazzle ( or other stores such as

  • Holiday Cards coming soon...

    MerryStockings is a few days away from launching a new home page. As a part of this launch, MerryStockings is going to be offering new products. In the coming days, we will highlight the new products. The first product to mention is Holiday Cards. Everyone who is shopping for our main product, personalized christmas stockings, will also need a Holiday Card. Our new products will all focus on christmas and providing more options for our customers. After all, if you like MerryStockings and you are trusting us with your stocking purchase, hopefully you'll find it easy to take care of additional shopping needs.

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