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  • Sharing Your Love This Christmas

    It is an exciting time of the year as you prepare to spend your first Christmas as husband and wife. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of things to figure out such as what to do on Christmas day or where to spend Christmas eve.

    Admittedly, it is a time of adjustments. Sometimes you are thrown into a dilemma as to how to resolve things such as getting invited by both families on the same night for Christmas dinner, or how to get closer to in-laws. But nothing could spoil the fun you two want to have on your first Christmas together.

    Being newly-weds, you want the world to know of the momentous decision you made to share your life with somebody forever. How do you do that? MerryStockings.com shows you how to share your love this Christmas.

    1. Personalized Holiday Cards. A good way to reconnect with old friends and share with them the great news is to send them personalized Christmas cards. Nowadays, you could select your favorite photograph from your wedding or other scenes in your life together to create a homey and affectionate card. You could then fill in a greeting yourself or ask them how they were after detailing how your life has been as a married couple.

    2. Personalized Holiday Ornaments. Another way to share your love this Christmas is by sending out personalized photo ornaments that features you and your spouse. This would make a very unique statement that would surely excite your friends enough to call you and ask how you are.

    3. Invite friends and family over for dinner. Throw a lavish Christmas party at your new house or apartment. This would help your friends get to know your spouse and you to get to know your spouse's friends. It could also put you in a good position to get to know your in-laws better.

    The good thing with spending your first Christmas together is, that if done right, all these could very well set the stage for beautiful and enduring Christmas traditions for the future. So think about what you are going to do for this first Christmas together and do it well!

  • Our most popular Personalized Christmas Stocking from 2007

    Red Stocking with White Cuff

    The personalized red christmas stocking with white cuff was our most popular stocking of 2007. It has a very classic look and would look wonderful over any fireplace. If you are shopping for your child's first christmas stocking or you were recently married and need new stockings for you and your spouse, this is a safe, classic bet.

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    MerryStockings will be posting again each day from now until the Christmas season!

  • Newlyweds First Christmas...a few things to consider

    As you anticipate your first holiday season as a married couple, you should consider a few things that will make the season a little easier on you and your spouse. Your traditions might be different from your spouses traditions – in fact, you can count on them being different, at least some anyway. Depending on how sentimental each person is, this can be a real challenge during the holiday season. If your spouse has been to her grandparents each year of her life on Christmas Eve, but your mother’s side can only get together on Christmas Eve, someone’s going to have to give. That process can be painful. The holiday season doesn’t have to be a divisive time, but here are some tips and issues to consider.


    1. Try to be sensitive to your spouse’s traditions involving family celebrations and church services. It’s best to try and get on a schedule early in your marriage – i.e.: this year is at my parents and next year is at your parents. You can’t be at two places at once! Quality time at one place is better than trying to squeeze in two celebrations and feeling rushed, or having to travel long distances during the holidays from one celebration to another.
    2. Holiday decorations can have a lot of meaning to people. In our home we alternate decorating styles from year to year. One year we decorate ala Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart, etc., and then the next year we decorate with all things sentimental and don’t care if things match or look pretty.
    3. Carrying a lot of holiday decorating baggage can be a bad thing. Personalized Christmas stockings are a great example of an issue that can cause problems. If you both have old ratty stockings that Grandma made you but that look horrible together, it may be a great time to get new coordinating Personalized Christmas stockings. You’re building this new home together and sometimes you shouldn’t be afraid to start fresh.
    4. When does Christmas morning actually start? In my home growing up we awoke at 7 AM and started tearing into gifts and eating all of the Christmas morning delicacies. Some people actually like to sleep in on holidays. Decide ahead of time when the festivities start.
    5. You’re on your own now so make Christmas traditions together. It’s appropriate to hang onto old traditions that involve extended families, but you need to begin making new traditions as a new family. Don’t separate yourselves by any means but begin making new memories and traditions that can be passed on to your kids.
  • 2007 Just Married Christmas Decorations/Ornaments


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