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personalized christmas tree skirts

  • Christmas Tree Skirts

    cherry on a spoon snowWinter has definitely arrived here in Minneapolis! I won't even tell you the temperature because it's just so ridiculous (okay, you twisted my arm, it's a whole 1* right now!). But, we do have snow, a nice blanket of it, covering up the brown of winter. Have to say, if you can be tucked inside with a cup of hot cocoa, the snow on the ground is so darn pretty.

    Christmas tree skirts in my house growing up were nothing more than a white sheet bunched up and gathered so as to look like drifting snow under the tree.  My mom was pretty creative that way. But, I happen to know that if she had seen the Christmas Tree skirts that are out today, she would have had one of them on display in a NY minute!

    Ivory-Tree-Skirt-2This white ivory quilted tree skirt is so gorgeous. It is reminiscent of days gone by with the quilted feature, but the solid ivory white color with simple embroidered personalization speaks to a more modern time of clean lines, uncluttered and elegant. The back of the skirt closes with fabric covered buttons and looks so classy. Love! You can find this skirt on the Merry Stockings website, and it's not too late for this year!

    If you are in the market for new stockings, how about matching ones?! Check them out here ~ and they come in white, red or green!


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  • Bestsellers: Our Customer's Top Five Favorite Products has been a provider of top quality Christmas-themed products for years now. Our customers have kept coming back to us for personalized Christmas stuff that they can proudly give to or share with their friends, family, colleagues and even bosses. We take delight in ensuring customer satisfaction and we go out of our way to make sure that your Christmas truly is a merry one.

    Over the years, we have been blessed to become a trusted source for Christmas gifts. If you are having a hard time deciding on a particular gift, then take a look at what other customers — people like you — have bought from us!

    1. Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirts

    Our personalized Christmas tree skirts serve not only to further beautify your Christmas tree, but also to help you keep safe and tidy during the holiday season. These skirts catch pine needles from your tree while also making it easier for you to water your tree so it doesn't get too dry that it causes fires.

    You also have a choice to personalize it with three choices of fonts: italic, block or script.

    2. Red Velvet Personalized Christmas Stocking with White Velvet Cuff

    This is a real Christmas classic and is a very sellable one too. Made out of elegant velvet, the white and red truly reminds you of the Christmas season. It's something that is familiar to everyone yet our personalization options make it truly unique to you or your recipients!

    3. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

    Share the memories as you give your loved ones personalized photo ornaments that they would be proud to decorate their Christmas trees with. The beauty of our ornaments is that these are made of quality materials and the print is in full color with very high resolution. You don't get a cheap looking ornament that you would rather throw away rather than display, but beautiful reminders of good times.

    4. Character Stockings

    These are a great hit with children. With fun and whimsical characters, the tan corduroy and red velvet combination makes for a different type of Christmas stocking that veers away from the traditional. These are hand-swen Christmas characters depicting elves, angels, snowmen and gingerbread men like you've never seen them before. gives you a bonus this Christmas! knows how difficult it is to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones. So we're introducing an alternative. You can truly give your friends, family and colleagues the gift they've always wanted with our gift certificates.

    It's very convenient too, just give the the code and your recipients will be able to shop on our sites for themselves!

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