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  • Baby's First Christmas

    Is there a new baby in your family this year? I was recently at the State Fair with a friend and she was looking for a personalized "My First Christmas" ornament for her new nephew. It's such a special time of year for the entire extended family to celebrate a new life.

    Merry Stockings offers special First Christmas Stockings for your baby boy or girl. Or order a personalized stocking that will match those of the rest of the family. My son loves that each of us has our own special stocking - maybe because so many other things are shared with little brother!

    Another special way to mark the milestone is with a Baby's First Christmas ornament. A friend and I discovered last year that we had the same "Baby's First Christmas - 1977" ball ornaments. For each of us, it had become a special heirloom, passed on from mom's collection to our own. Likewise, I treasure the ornaments that were given to my sons and will one day pass them down.

    I love the level of customization that Merry Stockings' ornaments offer. My 1977 ornament, while cute, has a generic baby illustration on it. Having a real photo of your child or grandchild, along with their name and the year, would be so much better! What fun to pull out the box of ornaments each year and remember how little they once were.

    What special things does your family do at Christmas to commemorate the birth of a new baby?

  • How to Store Christmas Ornaments gives you some more tips to remember when storing Christmas ornaments.

    1. If you buy a new set of ornaments, keep the boxes that they come in with. Manufacturers know what would protect their merchandise best, so they line their boxes with bubble wrap, or they make it into certain shapes. This is especially true for online retailers who take extra precautions in their packaging to minimize the chance of damage while shipping. Hence this is also the best way to store your ornaments.

    2. Do not remove the hooks and the strings you used this year. Pack your Christmas tree ornaments with the hooks inserted. This would lessen the work you have to do the next time you hang these ornaments. Besides, taking out the hooks and strings and putting them together is one way to end up with a tangled mess next year.

    3. Buy a storage bin. You might want to buy a storage bin for your ornaments. Pick one that is bigger than what you need now to make room for ornaments you're going to buy or for those ornaments that people gift you with. Choose an airtight storage bin as this will protect your ornaments better.

    4. Throw away broken ornaments. This does not need further explanation, except that a lot of people hang on to broken ornaments for sentimental reasons.

    5. Hold on to ornaments that come in different colors, sizes and shapes. You may have bought a set of ornaments before and over the years some parts of this set has been lost, broken or thrown out. Do keep the good ones that are left. You can still use these for your wreaths during the next Christmas season. Or you could go with a more festive and varied ornament bowl. You can also use smaller orphan ornaments as a pretty addition to your gift wrapping.

  • The Origins of the Christmas Lights

    We see Christmas lights go up every year. We take it for granted that we have these lights to beautify our Christmas trees, light our homes and generally spread Christmas cheer throughout the season. But did you know that these lights only came into existence in the late 1800s, and even with these Christmas lights around, dangerous candles were used to light up trees? takes a look back at the history of Christmas lights.

    When it comes to lights and bulbs, its origins always seem to point at one person: Thomas Edison. With Christmas lights, it is no exception..
    Thomas Edison was said to have hung strings of lights around his New Jersey laboratory during Christmas 1880, but it was actually Edward Johnson, a very close friend of Edison who first put up a Christmas tree with electric lights two years after. Johnson's Christmas tree with electric lights became the subject of news stories from the Detroit Post and Tribune, The New York times, as well as Electrical World who called Johnson's tree as the "handsomest" in the country.

    Through it all, ordinary folks just could not adopt the practice as these early Christmas lights and the cost of putting them up were too expensive. The tradition of using small candles to light up the tree survived even in the 20th century.

    In fact, it was only in the early 1900s that Christmas lights became a trifle more affordable. Albert Sadacca, according to legends, read about a tragic fire caused by Christmas tree candles. Sadacca convinced his family to create and sell affordable Christmas lights. Sales were disappointing at first, but then picked up, leading other lighting companies to join the fray. Eventually, the use of Christmas lights became a tradition by the 1930s.

    Today, electric lights easily electrify your Christmas trees. would like to invite you to create personalized Christmas trees with these lights and our beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. Each of our ornaments can be personalized with your own photos, making it a great way to start a tradition!

  • Christmas Traditions Clarified, Part III takes a look at Christmas traditions and how they came to be practiced here in the United States. Earlier traditons we have looked at included the practice of sending out Christmas cards, decorating with boughs of holly, kissing under the mistletoe and hanging Christmas stockings.


    A lot of houses in the United States usually have potted poinsettias during the Christmas season. The beautiful plant makes a great Christmas decoration around the home with its bright red leaves set against equally splendid green leaves.

    This Mexican plant was used by Franciscans during their own Christmas celebrations. Legend has it that a young boy saw the poinsettia plant on his way to visit the village Nativity scene. When he realized that he had no gift for the Christ child, the boy gathered green leaves that he offered as a gift. Miraculously, as he put them on the manger, beautiful red leaves sprouted on each branch.

    The plant was brought to America by U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Joel Poinsett in the 1820s.

    Christmas Trees

    Christmas trees go as far back to the 16th century when Germans decorated fir trees with apples, candies, roses, and colored paper. Similar trees were also regular fixtures of a popular play performed during the Middle Ages, which was mostly performed during Advent.

    Martin Luther was said to be the originator of the practice of putting lights on trees, having been inspired by the beauty of stars whose lights shone through fir branches.

    But the practice of having a Christmas tree during the season was started when the U.K.'s royal family was depicted in an 1848 Illustrated News etching gathered around a Christmas tree in windsor Castle. Prince Albert and Queen victoria's Christmas tree soon inspired Victorian England to put up similar trees.

    This practice was later brought to the U.S. by Germans settling in Pennsylvania.

    Give the gift of love with personalized Christmas tree decors only from

  • Stars Share Their Favorite Christmas Memories

    Stars are ordinary people too. They may be rich, they may be famous, they may be accustomed to being in the limelight, but when Christmas time comes, they also reminisce about Christmases in their lives.

    Over the years, stars have revealed their favorite Christmas memories. shares you some of them:

    Nicolas Cage shared his greatest Christmas memory with his father. In his childhood, Cage had toy car with Pinocchio as a driver. A day before Christmas, he was playing with it when Pinocchio's head broke off. His father picked the head up and showed the young Nicolas to the garden where he planted it. On Christmas morning the young Nicolas was surprised to find that there was a gift waiting for him where his father planted the head. It was a big wooden Pinocchio.

    Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher says that she makes it a point to create homemade gifts every Christmas for her friends and family. So she's always baking gingerbread houses for them, while she keeps a "Christmas town" at home.

    Oprah Winfrey said on her show that it was a Christmas memory that fuels her generosity. At a young age, her mother told Oprah and her siblings that they do not have enough money for Christmas gifts prompting her to feel sad. But then three nuns came to their house and brought gifts for them. Oprah received a doll.

    Samuel Jackson always received guns for Christmas. For him, the guns was the whole point of Christmas and he was happy with the toys.

    Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson takes the Christmas season to remember how he should be patient with his own kids. Recalling a time when he was young and he knocked down their Christmas tree and got an earful from his father.

    You too can immortalize your Christmas memories with’s personalized Christmas tree ornaments. These lovely ornaments can help you create a Christmas tradition that your kids would love. Just imagine gathering around the Christmas tree looking at pictures when your 21 year old son was just baby, or when your daughter was baptized.

    Loving memories are created, shared and kept alive, and there is no better way to do these than with our personalized tree ornaments!

  • Christmas Around the World: Mexico

    A recurring feature all over Mexico is an re-enactment of the night when the Christ Child was born. It depicts Mary and Joseph looking for somewhere they could stay in and deliver the child. This is called the "posada". The posada is not complete without a choir of small children who knocks on doors in behalf of the Blessed Family. This procession happens on December 13 and culminates in a church where mass is held. After the mass, pinatas are taken out for the kids to enjoy.

    The main decoration is the naciminetos or the nativity scene. It may be found everywhere in Mexico from homes to businesses even churches. Unlike nativity scenes in the U.S., however, nacimientos are much wider in scale, featuring entire villages made out of painted paper, sand, moss, sawdust and other materials. It also features 12 figures and are on display until February 2!

    Pastorelas are also performed. These outdoor plays depict Christian legends and ideals and tells the story of the birth of the savior. A lasting favorite is the annual pastorelas performed on December 24 at the steps of San Andres Church.

    Poinsettia is exchanged as the plant is known to be the flower of the holy night.

    Curiously, almost everybody in Mexico takes a vacation during the last two weeks of the year. They take time off work to be with family and friends.

    Food flows during the Noche Buena. This feast is shared by family and friends and parties last all the way till dawn. This makes Christmas day very quiet as people rest and recoup from the overnight partying.

    In Mexico, December coincides with the Feast of the La Virgen de Guadalupe. The Virgin is the country's patron saint. Celebrations start on December 3 through December 12. Within the season, they also celebrate Dia de los Inocentes where they believe that they could borrow something and not return it. December 28 in Mexico feels very much like April Fool's Day.

    Give your friends in Mexico a Christmas gift that is worth remembering. Send them personalized Christmas tree ornaments for their tree or nacimientos, and tell them they are genuinely remembered and loved.

  • Sharing Your Love This Christmas

    It is an exciting time of the year as you prepare to spend your first Christmas as husband and wife. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of things to figure out such as what to do on Christmas day or where to spend Christmas eve.

    Admittedly, it is a time of adjustments. Sometimes you are thrown into a dilemma as to how to resolve things such as getting invited by both families on the same night for Christmas dinner, or how to get closer to in-laws. But nothing could spoil the fun you two want to have on your first Christmas together.

    Being newly-weds, you want the world to know of the momentous decision you made to share your life with somebody forever. How do you do that? shows you how to share your love this Christmas.

    1. Personalized Holiday Cards. A good way to reconnect with old friends and share with them the great news is to send them personalized Christmas cards. Nowadays, you could select your favorite photograph from your wedding or other scenes in your life together to create a homey and affectionate card. You could then fill in a greeting yourself or ask them how they were after detailing how your life has been as a married couple.

    2. Personalized Holiday Ornaments. Another way to share your love this Christmas is by sending out personalized photo ornaments that features you and your spouse. This would make a very unique statement that would surely excite your friends enough to call you and ask how you are.

    3. Invite friends and family over for dinner. Throw a lavish Christmas party at your new house or apartment. This would help your friends get to know your spouse and you to get to know your spouse's friends. It could also put you in a good position to get to know your in-laws better.

    The good thing with spending your first Christmas together is, that if done right, all these could very well set the stage for beautiful and enduring Christmas traditions for the future. So think about what you are going to do for this first Christmas together and do it well!

  • Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

    The Christmas tree is an ever present symbol at Christmas.  Just about every home has one to celebrate Christmas with.  Here are some tips to decorating Christmas trees.

    Keep It Fresh.  One of the problems homeowners have with Christmas trees is that it looks dry and close to dying come Christmas day, especially if they purchased it too early.  To prolong the life of your tree, you should cut the stump every few days and put it in water right after cutting it.  This would enable the tree to absorb water and keep it fresh.  You can decrease the frequency of cutting as days go by, but be sure to have enough water!

    Another way to have a green tree come Christmas day is to put in 1/2 cup of corn syrup and 1 tsp. of liquid beach in every quart of water you have.

    Decorating It Right.  When you decorate your tree, start with the light, then the garlands.  You only add the ornaments as finishing touches.  Also, no matter what you are putting on, you should always start at the bottom of the tree going up, and from the inside going out.

    Ornaments.  Your ornaments should not hang from the tips of the branches, instead, it should be placed deeper into the tree.

    Also, if you are going to use personalized Christmas tree ornaments, you should have basic ones (plain ones in whatever color you like) to fill up the tree.  These filler ornaments will make sure that your tree would not look bare while having the more ornate ornaments outside for people to see.

    The trick is to put the personalized tree ornaments further apart.  This is especially useful if it is your first time to use personalized ornaments and you do not have that many of them.  As the years go by and your collection of personal ornaments grow, you can place them closer to each other.

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