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  • Building a Christmas Notebook: Ideas

    Welcome back to the blog after a long Memorial Day holiday weekend!  We’re in the middle of getting our Christmas notebooks created, and I hope you had a chance to pick up your supplies.  If you missed the last post with the list, you can find it here. Today’s post is all about the first section of our notebook, Ideas.

    I learned an old writer’s trick several years ago from a colleague. We were lunching, and right in the middle of a sentence, he stopped, pulled out a small notepad and began writing furiously. When he finished, he explained that when ideas strike he has to write them down before they are gone. Even though I’d heard of this before, this was the first time I'd actually observed someone do it!

    Ideas have a way of coming to us when we least expect them. So, like my friend, we are going to capture every last one in our small accessory-sized notepad. Throw it in your purse, tuck it in the back pocket of your jeans, keep it on your nightstand (middle of the night ideas are some of the best!), and even carry it with you when you exercise. Sounds strange? I’m an avid cyclist, and I can’t tell you the number of times an idea has struck me while out on the trails. The idea is that wherever we are, we’ll have this little notepad to record our ideas. Then, when you get back to your desk, transfer the pages from your notepad into your Christmas notebook. They can either be placed in the pocket or glued to a sheet of paper for storing in your Ideas section.

    A great place to continue gathering Christmas ideas is Pinterest. If you aren’t already following Merry Stockings on Pinterest, you can click here to be taken to our page. Pinterest is a crafter’s dream, isn’t it?! I can get lost there for hours, and come away with a treasure box full of ideas.

    Another good resource for Christmas ideas is the Merry Stocking’s catalog that will be out shortly. If you’d like to receive one in the mail, just visit here and sign up; we’ll be glad to send you one just as soon as they’re ready. If you’ve received a catalog in the past, the new copy will be sent to you automatically.

    Next time we’ll talk about the various lists we need to make, add to and congregate into our Christmas notebooks.

    Merry planning!


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  • MerryStockings on Pinterest

    MerryStockings has compiled lots of photos on Pinterest of Bucilla Christmas stocking kits. Our valued customers often send us photos of completed kits. We also reveal new product releases and other information pertaining to Bucilla Christmas products. Take a peek if you are not already familiar with Pinterest.

  • Christmas on a Budget

    December is an expensive month, is it not? Christmas gifts are the most obvious expense, but there are often clothes to buy for the parties, at which there is food. Or photos (in possibly a different set of clothes) for holiday cards. Decorations, a tree, charitable giving, etc. - it adds up quickly!

    Whether you need to cut back on spending, or just want to rein in the madness, there are many ways to do so without feeling like Ebeneezer Scrooge. Here are a few angles that you may not have considered.

    Writing at Simple Mom, Tsh reminds that planning ahead is the key to staying within a budget at Christmas. That includes setting money aside each month for the bigger bills in December, and also being mindful of the many little expenses that come up in this season. She offers this free Christmas budget printable to help you plan.

    A Christmas tree is another big expense. I realize that some of you just questioned my promise of non-Scrooginess because cutting down your own tree or picking the best one from the corner lot is your very favorite Christmas tradition. But for others, this may be a fun way to change up your holiday decor. I was definitely looking for tree alternatives in the years when my boys were toddling around precariously! Check out these creative options for inexpensive Christmas tree alternatives.

    This is probably my favorite list, and I may accidentally leave a printout where my husband will find it...10 Holiday Dates. There are a couple of splurges like tickets to the Nutcracker, but most of the options won't put a dent in your bank account. Brett at The Art of Manliness puts the list in a romantic context, but nearly all of the options could be adapted for a group of friends, a family or even an office get-together. Another bonus is that most of them are interactive, perfect for forming lasting memories.

    Remember that you can start with just one or two areas to cut back your holiday spending - Pinterest is a great resource for this. Try entering a search like inexpensive Christmas gifts or whatever suits your holiday budget style. You're sure to find a way to save a few dollars this season!

    What are your best money-saving tips at Christmas?




  • Pinterest/merrystockings

    Have you heard of Pinterest is a fun, social website where users pin photos of things they like. It's sort of a photo only version of Facebook. At any rate, MerryStockings now has a Pinterest page and we have been and will continue to post photos of customers' completed stocking kits. We appreciate customers sending us these great photos and we share them on our blog, Facebook and now Pinterest. We feel these photos provide a nice, realistic view of our stocking kits when they are complete. We encourage you to check out Pinterest today and if you aren't a user, sign up and start following our "Board" of Bucilla Christmas stocking kits. Thanks for stopping by...

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