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  • Christmas before Halloween?

    Recently an article was posted on Fox News affiliated website out of Greensboro, NC that talked about Christmas goods being sold before Halloween! The article maintains that store managers are being asked for the items before Halloween and so to appease demand, they are relenting and stuffing their shelves full of Christmas cheer, BEFORE HALLOWEEN! Although I don't mind because I love Christmas, it does seem a bit early for the average consumer. As retailers, brick and mortar retailers that is, I'm certain they are looking to infuse their businesses with Christmas cash as soon as they can get it. Knowing they've had a tougher time in recent years with consumer spending being down, who can blame them.

    How about you - when do you think it's the best time to start shopping for Christmas?

    When should stores starting putting out Christmas goods?

    Let us know what you think!

    Here is the full article: Christmas before Halloween

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  • gas prices and holiday shopping

    According to DMNews the 2008 holiday shopping season isn't expected to be all that stellar. However, an uptick in e-commerce is expected. The main reason for this is due to the price of gas. More than 25% of the consumers they surveyed for the article I've referenced said they would buy more online this year to save in gas $. Here is a link to the article: 2008 Christmas shopping forecast. Here at MerryStockings we're big fans of e-commerce (considering we don't have a retail location) so we hope this trend is true for us. To amplify this prediction, MerryStockings will be using discount codes to promote our products and save consumers money. If you are interested in a discount code, please email us at (info@merrystockings.com) and we'll send you a code towards the beginning of "shopping season". Thanks for reading!

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