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  • How to Stuff Your Kids’ Christmas Stocking to the Brim for Under $15 Each

    When you’re a kid, the best Christmas morning moment is arguably the sight and subsequent opening of your overflowing Christmas stocking. After all, these little treasures were carefully selected by Santa Claus just for you.

    But now that you’re a parent — and Santa’s little helper — filling stockings and the space under the tree can get pretty spendy despite your best efforts to keep costs down. In fact, according to T. Rowe Price’s annual Parents, Kids & Money Survey from last year, more than half of parents say they never stick to their Christmas spending budget. Furthermore, 11 percent admit withdrawing from retirement accounts to pay for gifts.

    The good news is that with a little creativity — and the right inspiration — you can find great stocking stuffers for your young kids without breaking the bank. And we can prove it.

    Some of our team members visited one of the nation’s favorite shopping destinations — Target — to find cute, fun and personality-matched stocking stuffers with the goal of spending $15 or less per stocking. Now, we bring our finds to you in hopes of inspiring your stocking-stuffing efforts.

    For Your Princess

    Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Your PrincessSugar, spice and everything nice — if your little princess loves sparkle, shades of pinks and purples, and is over the moon for grown-up-like accessories, this combination is sure to make her eyes glimmer with love and excitement Christmas morning.

    Here we have a five-pack of glamorous lip balms ($3), bedazzled stamps that light up ($3), a darling tin carrying case with the words “Shimmer & Shine” written on it ($3), and an assortment of three Cat & Jack headbands ($5.99) to help your princess accessorize.

    Total cost before tax? $14.99.

    For the Young Artist

    If your child likes to draw, paint and create, then this mix of art supplies will not disappoint.

    This stocking stuffer collection features a coloring book ($1), three grab-n-go coloring kits ($3 total), bath paint ($1), scented markers ($1), and Play-Doh minis ($1).

    Total cost before tax? $7.

    For Your Superhero

    Since the 1940s, when the first superhero comic books were introduced, superheros have been common childhood obsessions for boys and girls alike.

    And now that many of these characters have come to life on the big screen, it’s easier than ever to find superhero-themed trinkets and gifts that are perfect stocking stuffers.

    In this Spiderman-themed stocking stuffer example, we have a ball cap ($3), wall tumblers ($3), finger flingers ($1), socks ($1), and a water-activated towel ($1).

    Total cost before tax? $11.

    For Your World Traveler

    If traveling is part of your family’s holiday plans, why not kill two birds with one stone by stuffing your kids’ stockings with goodies that can keep them entertained on the road?

    In this stocking stuffer example, we have two grab-n-go coloring kits ($2 total), a Moana-themed memory game ($3), Old Maid card game ($1), Play-Doh minis ($1), scented markers ($1), a Hershey chocolate bar ($1), and orange-flavored Tic Tacs ($1.19).

    Total cost before tax? About $10.

    For Your Fun-Seeker

    If your kid is always up for a game or looking for fun, why not fill their stocking with pure entertainment?

    Just as in our previous example, the Moana-themed memory game ($3) and the Old Maid playing cards ($1) are present. But we also have silly string ($2), a junior slinky ($1), a Daisy and Minnie-Mouse themed domino set ($3), and squishy play foam ($1).

    Total cost before tax? $11.

    Get Ready to Stuff

    Following our shopping excursion, our team members had these stocking stuffer shopping tips to pass on:

    • Shop with a theme. When you shop with a theme in mind (i.e. princess or superhero), those constraints will actually fuel your creativity, helping you avoid extra items in your car so you can keep your bill down.
    • Hit the clearance areas first. Regardless of your shopping destination, head for the known clearance or low-cost merchandise first (i.e. Target’s $1 spot). This will allow you to find several good items at low prices before you’re let loose in the rest of the store. However, be prepared to dig to find the gems you’re looking for.

    In need of a stocking to stuff? Take a peek at our beautiful collection of personalized Christmas stockings.

    What are some of your go-to stocking stuffers for young kids? Please share in the comments section below!

  • The Perfect Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Your Baby

    Now that you have the perfect Christmas stocking for your baby, it is time to think of what to fill it with. Our advice is that you should think about what your baby needs. This is not just for the sake of being practical, but also because baby stuff are what your baby needs anyway. Go with the necessities when thinking of stocking stuffers for your newborn. have these suggestions:

    1. Rubber Ducky, You're the One! Yellow rubber duckies are great for that first Christmas filling. Not only is it functional, but it really does make bath time more fun. You can throw in other bath time toys and accessories such as puppet washclothes, soft combs, lotion, foam letters and other fun bath time stuff!

    2. CDs. Your little one would certainly appreciate music. It could be a cute ditty that they can dance to or a collection of lullabies to help them sleep.

    3. Teethers and rattles. These are quite essential for your baby, and you should think about having these on hand when they are ready to use these.

    4. Books! While you may think that your little baby will not be able to appreciate books, his or her eyes are rapidly developing. So choose books that have bright graphics in them and your baby will surely leaf his or her way through it. There are also those books that are made of felt or cloth. These felt or cloth books are so soft and light that your baby will not have problems handling it!

    5. Toys. Your baby will soon explore his or her world, so bring in a lot of colorful and bright toys that your baby will find interesting. It could be soft blocks, stuffed toy, a cartoon character figure, or a stack it. Just make sure that these do not have small parts and uses child-safe paints!

    Lastly, make sure to take a lot of pictures! Your baby might not remember how his or her first Christmas is like, but make sure that you preserve the memory for your baby by taking lots of pictures! This way, he or she will appreciate what you have done for him or her!

  • Christmas Traditions Explained

    In the United States, we observe several Christmas traditions that has been passed to us by our parents who observed these too in their youth. This is the power of Christmas traditions that it is able to transcend time and can really make the Christmas season more lively and fun.

    But have you ever wondered where they originated? explains how some of our Christmas traditions got their start.

    The Mistletoe

    A lot of teeners and other lovesick adults wait for their crushes to walk under a mistletoe usually taking the chance to ask for a kiss. But why do people kiss under the mistletoe?

    The mistletoe has been a revered plant from the earliest times. Druid priests were said to use mistletoe in their rituals while ancient Celtics thought that the mistletoe had healing powers against infertility, poison and evil spirits. The fact that the mistletoe remains green even when in winter and without roots adds more to the mysticism surrounding the mistletoe.

    In later times, Romans came to view it as a symbol of peace. For them, if enemies come under the mistletoe, they should drop their weapons and embrace. This practice later evolved when Scandinavians began associating the mistletoe with the goddess of love, Frigga. From these two practices came the Christmas practice of kissing under mistletoes.

    By the way, did you know that as a result of kissing under the mistletoe, you are guaranteed a full year of good tidings and happiness?

    Christmas Stockings

    Children around the country hang up Christmas stockings hoping to find small toys, candies and other treats inside it come Christmas morning. But do you know that the Christmas stocking is first and foremost a symbol of generosity?

    Legend has it that a kind and rich man became depressed after the death of his wife. Soon his riches were gone, even the money for the dowries of his three daughters. The daughters then faced a life of spinsterhood. It is said that when St. Nicholas heard about their story, he went to their house and threw pouches of gold coins into the chimney.

    These bags of gold were caught inside the stockings that the daughters have left by the fireplace to dry.

    We at know how important Christmas traditions are. Give personalized Christmas stockings to your friends and family in order for them to observe this tradition in style!

  • Baby's First Christmas Stocking - Stocking Stuffers

    When it's time to open the Christmas stockings, if you've recently welcomed a new addition into your family, Santa may need a little help.  So what kind of stocking stuffers could you try for your little one?  How about a few stocking stuffer ideas for baby's first Christmas:

    • New receiving blanket
    • A pacifier or nuk
    • Teething toys
    • A new lullaby CD
    • Bath toys
    • (Chewable) family photo flip book

    Photo book

  • stocking stuffers...for the woman in your life (part 1)

    Women love lotions and products that make their skin feel healthy and beautiful. Organic beauty products are becoming, if they haven't already, very popular. If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer or smaller complimentary christmas gift for the woman in your life, consider shopping organic beauty products from these three companies:




    Of course if your significant other doesn't have a personalized christmas stocking for you to put these organic beauty products into, shop for a personalized christmas stocking now!

  • Stocking stuffers...for the college student in your life...

    College students have a unique dress code. It's casual. It's cool. It's random. If you are purchasing a stocking stuffer for a college student, you might consider random t-shirts from Here are a few recent t-shirts sold on

     Backyard Brawl thumbnail


    They call this shirt "backyard brawl"

    Four Out Of Five Monsters Agree thumbnail

     They call this shirt "four out of five monsters agree" sells one t-shirt per day in limited quantities. When the shirt has sold out it says "sold out". The good ones go quickly. The best part is these shirts are only $10. Consider these for a humorous college student stocking stuffer.

    If you need to purchase a personalized christmas stocking, click SHOP NOW.

  • Stocking stuffers...for the golfer in your life...

    Being a golfer, I really hope my wife reads this post! Golf is a very popular game and buying the right christmas present for the golfer in your life is an important endeavor. A lot of golf products would fit nicely into a 20" personalized christmas stocking made by MerryStockings. Here's a list of suggestions:

    1. Two sleeves of golf balls: preferably Pro-V1's

    2. Bag of golf tees...for the extra touch, you can personalize golf tees.

    3. A new golf glove

    4. Gift card to a local store (if you're reading this honey...that would be Golf Galaxy)

    5. Gift card to a local golf course...most courses have caught on to the gift card idea

    6. Personalized golf ball marker

    7. Golf club cleaning kit

    8. Personalized divot repair tool

    9. Golf towel that's either personalized or from his/her favorite local course

    10. Two tickets to August National to watch the Masters. :)

    Don't have a personalized christmas stocking: shop for one, or two:

  • Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

    If you’re getting ready for your first Christmas with a new baby, getting a personalized Christmas stocking is a fun addition to your regular Christmas decorations.  Here are a few gift ideas to fill up that new stocking.

    Memory BookMemory Book – A place to record things like baby’s footprints, how you chose a name and your first pictures, a baby memory book makes a great keepsake. 

    Baby Blanket – These blankets are super soft and can be a lot of fun.  Find a blanket made with microfiber or cashmere and look for unique colors, goofy characters or personalize it with embroidered initials.

    Room Decorations – Add to your nursery by using puffy letters or letter tiles to spell your child’s name on a shelf.  Or, if you’ve got a theme for your nursery, add a cowboy, farm animal or ballerina picture to the wall.

    Personalized Onesies – Get an outfit that is custom made for your baby. has fun designs to choose from including “the late late late show” and “officially established in…”  

    Specialty baby shoes – Not all baby shoes have style.  Check out Patina’s line of baby shoes or find something funky at a local retailer. 

    Funny outfits – Your baby may not understand it but your friends and family will get a kick out of their new outfit.  See some unusual tshirt layouts at or


  • When to Open Christmas Stockings


    Christmas stockings are a standard part of Christmas celebrations for most families.   However, the time to open Christmas stockings is another story.  Some people get their stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve or the first thing on Christmas morning.  Some people get their stockings before opening presents, some after, and some people get Christmas stockings instead of presents.  So when do you get to find out what’s in your stocking?
    For me, it’s always on Christmas morning, after opening presents.  It’s great moment when you realize that even though you’ve opened all of your gifts, you still have some goodies to come.  Our Christmas stockings were always hung in a different room (above the fireplace of course) so we could leave all of our other loot and start fresh in the living room.  Our stockings usually contained a good measure of chocolate and candy, providing enough energy for an afternoon of figuring out our new toys.  Perfect!

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  • Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas


    It can be tough to come up with ideas for stocking stuffers to fill up your Christmas stockings.  Sometimes the best stocking stuffer ideas are the things that you wouldn’t go out and buy, but like to get any way.  Here are a few unique stocking stuffer ideas for your Christmas shopping list.

    Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

    • Comic Book
    • Quirky toys

    • Slippers
    • Movies
    • Event or concert tickets
    • Electronic Yahtzee or Solitaire
    • New socks
    • Pocket knife
    • Silly Putty
    • Nalgene Bottle
    • Temporary tattoos
    • BibleJournal
    • iTunes gift card
    • Restaurant gift certificate
    • Framed photo
    • Key chain light
    • Nerf ball
    • Funky nail polish
    • New markers/pen
    • Disposable camera
    • Personalized stickers
    • Coffee beans
    • Sunglasses
    • Stop watch
    • Fishing lure
    • Playing cards
    • Brownie mix in a jar
    • Gel frisbee

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