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Character Stockings 2011

Last year MerryStockings introduced a new line of Christmas Stockings that we called "Character Stockings". These popular stockings featured a popular "character" that's associated with Christmas. Our 2010 line included the following characters: Santa, Mrs. Claus, Reindeer, Elf, Angel, Snowman and a Gingerbread. To see this line of stockings on our site, click Character Stockings.

Because so many of our customers loved these stockings, we wanted to add an additional line of "Character Stockings" for this year. The new 2011 "Character Stocking" line will have four new options for customers to choose from. This year's Characters are: Penguin, Moose, Deer, Bear. I snapped a photo this morning of one of the options and have posted it here today as a "sneak peek".

Thanks for your interest in and we look forward to serving you again this year. By the way, this new line will available for purchase on June 1st.

New Character Stocking: Moose (avail. June 1st)

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