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Christmas in July beach

The more I read about Christmas in July, the more I am seeing that there is a great emphasis on the combination of 2 holidays. I think this is really great news! One of the toughest parts about Christmas, I think, is when it's time to take it all down for yet another year. But, if we can get another whole "season" out of it before December 25th rolls around again, that's just a beautiful thing.

Christmas in July ornamentEnter this lovely, patriotic, Christmas-in-July ornament. I think it could pull double duty, no? Especially if you are a military family! Now this particular ornament is actually for sale, but I have a sneaky little tip on how you could make one almost identical. You wouldn't end up with that symmetrical white star in the center, but it would still be just so charming I think!

The trick is to check out the ribbon department at your local sewing or craft store, especially in late June or July....there will be an abundance of patriotic themed ribbon to choose from. The one used in this ornament is fabric, and it is lovely isn't it? Wrap the ribbon around a foam ball and secure with map pins or just straight pins with red, white or blue heads. So easy, so sweet looking!

So, here's to Christmas in July, the holiday that helps us make double duty out of some fabulous decorations that otherwise are just a December tradition.

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