Christmas in July | Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are one of the quintessential craft supplies that, if you're into hand-crafting at all, you'll usually have on hand. There really is no end to what you can do with these simple little pieces of wood.

Being the purist that I am, however, you can't really call it a Popsicle stick if there wasn't, at one time, a Popsicle on the end of it, right? I love the idea of recycling too, so anytime I can take what would otherwise be thrown in the garbage (and eventually the landfill) and make something beautiful from it, I'm just all over that. Plus using the REAL Popsicle sticks means you have yet another excuse to buy Popsicles, no?

Ah, rationalization. It's so practical sometimes. :)

christmas in july popsicle stick snowflakesBut, don't these look great?!  They fit in perfectly also with our Christmas in July theme these first couple of weeks in July. Painted red, they definitely fit in, but if you were to paint them a variety of colors including some sparkly silver or gold, they could almost pass for fireworks!

To make these fun little things, follow the instructions here.

Snowflakes in July. Why not?

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