Christmas Traditions Explained

In the United States, we observe several Christmas traditions that has been passed to us by our parents who observed these too in their youth. This is the power of Christmas traditions that it is able to transcend time and can really make the Christmas season more lively and fun.

But have you ever wondered where they originated? explains how some of our Christmas traditions got their start.

The Mistletoe

A lot of teeners and other lovesick adults wait for their crushes to walk under a mistletoe usually taking the chance to ask for a kiss. But why do people kiss under the mistletoe?

The mistletoe has been a revered plant from the earliest times. Druid priests were said to use mistletoe in their rituals while ancient Celtics thought that the mistletoe had healing powers against infertility, poison and evil spirits. The fact that the mistletoe remains green even when in winter and without roots adds more to the mysticism surrounding the mistletoe.

In later times, Romans came to view it as a symbol of peace. For them, if enemies come under the mistletoe, they should drop their weapons and embrace. This practice later evolved when Scandinavians began associating the mistletoe with the goddess of love, Frigga. From these two practices came the Christmas practice of kissing under mistletoes.

By the way, did you know that as a result of kissing under the mistletoe, you are guaranteed a full year of good tidings and happiness?

Christmas Stockings

Children around the country hang up Christmas stockings hoping to find small toys, candies and other treats inside it come Christmas morning. But do you know that the Christmas stocking is first and foremost a symbol of generosity?

Legend has it that a kind and rich man became depressed after the death of his wife. Soon his riches were gone, even the money for the dowries of his three daughters. The daughters then faced a life of spinsterhood. It is said that when St. Nicholas heard about their story, he went to their house and threw pouches of gold coins into the chimney.

These bags of gold were caught inside the stockings that the daughters have left by the fireplace to dry.

We at know how important Christmas traditions are. Give personalized Christmas stockings to your friends and family in order for them to observe this tradition in style!

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