Getting Organized: Build a Christmas Notebook

The brainstorming for fun and fresh ideas for Christmas 2013 gift-giving has begun! If you saw yesterday's post about the perfect gift for your culinary friends, you know that the wheels are gathering momentum. I'm tellin' you, once they start rolling, there is no stopping them! With so much time to create, my brain has slipped into overdrive. The ideas are popping like popcorn (mmm, popcorn, what could we do with popcorn?) and I need to corral these ideas before they jump ship.

Can you relate?!

This all just means we need to get organized. These genius ideas need to get plugged into a grand plan so that they actually become reality. I encourage you to join me this year in starting a Christmas notebook, a place where everything Christmas has a place.  I’m imagining this will be a valuable tool we'll use from year to year. There will be a handful of standard sections that we'll unpack over the next few posts, and of course you’ll be adding in your own sections based on your traditions. To start, we'll have Ideas, Gift Recipient List, Christmas Card List, and Schedule.

Over the weekend, go ahead and pick up your supplies. You will need a notepad (accessory size), a 1 - 1-1/2" three ring binder that has pockets on the inside, a couple sets of dividers, and a glue stick. I like to use binders that have the clear plastic sleeve on the front to insert my own cover, but for this project I'm tempted to get one that I can draw or paint on as the mood strikes. Do whatever makes you smile. :) Also, it will be helpful to have a calendar that will either go in one of the pockets or you can three-hole punch it and leave it in the front of the book.

Until next week, let the ideas roll! Be thinking, too, about your own traditions and what other sections you might want to include.

Merry Organizing!


Photo courtesy of Someecards

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