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Gifts for Grandma

Simplifying our lives is a growing trend in today's hurry-up world. We do it for a variety of reasons but mostly the result is a lot less stress to deal with. Saying you are simplifying is another way of saying you are downsizing, and t's not easy for a lot of us to let go. A lot of grandmas are in the downsizing phase of life. and, tough as it is, they know that it just makes so much sense. Because of that, sometimes it can be difficult to know what to give Grandma for Mother's Day, her birthday, Christmas or other occasions.

I'm not a grandma yet, but I know one of my all time favorite gifts from my sons are current photos, and my own mother was forever asking for photos when the boys were growing up. I've become a real sucker for photos that feature 3 or 4 generations of women. Or men. I've seen so many ideas on how this can be done.....faces, hands, eyes only, walking down a path holding hands, the ideas are really endless.

Here a couple of examples I found to get the ball rolling. There isn't a mom or a grandma alive that wouldn't love the sentimentality of images like this. Put one or many in old looking but nice frames, and you have a very lovely gift for grandma.

hands generatoins


black and white generations

Black and White


men generations



men generations 2


another hands

So Sweet!

And, if the generations simply cannot get together for these lovely photos, something like this will most definitely warm her heart!!

a hug for grandma


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