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Healthy Treats For The Kids

lightsWith kids still on Christmas break from school, I'm wondering if your kids are getting a little antsy? All the excitement of Christmas Day is done, and while it's wonderful to still be all at home together, it is a definite shift from the ordinary schedule. As much as we never really relish the idea of going back to work or school after a vacation, there is a certain comfort in doing so as we slip back into our familiar routines, the house gets back to it's pre-decorated state and, of course, New Year's resolutions are pondered.

fruitsnacksfeatured-770x403_jpg_pagespeed_ce_WZR8WRvEX2While all of that is happening, the kids still want to eat! I found a healthy treat from a local wellness center that I think is sure to please. These healthy fruit snacks are pretty cute too, aren't they?  They are made with fresh berries, a bit of honey, lemon juice and gelatin from grass-fed cows. There is nothing not to love about these....sweet, healthy, cute and just the right size for little hands You can check out the recipe here.

And, while the kids are nom nom-ing on those, you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and make your plans for the new year. Sound good?


Photo courtesy: Lights, Snacks

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