Honey Nut Glazed Brie

honey nut glazed brie

I've decided that this is Brie Cheese Week. Since our dinner appetizer last night and the post I wrote about it, I have discovered just way too many mouth watering things you can do with brie. If you've ever had brie, I'm suspecting that there'll be no complaints over spending a few posts on this creamy, melty, sinfully delicious cheese.

I didn't think there'd be any better combination than brie, puff pastry and raspberry sauce, but I gotta admit that the sound of walnuts and honey might be hard to beat. The great thing about this "appetizer" recipe is that it can either be an appetizer OR a dessert. I love recipes like that!

Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and served over granny smith apple slices, this would not only make a fantastic share-able Christmas contribution to a party, but in the fall months it could cheer just about anyone up with the summer-is-gone blues. Garnished with red and green grapes, this recipe is not just delicious but also so very pretty to look at!

You can find the base recipe here, but I encourage you to make a couple of minor changes to make it extra special. First, use Kerrygold butter instead of the "butter spread", and before pouring the spiced walnuts over the top, pop the cheese into the microwave or oven to get it hot so it's melty and gooey. Believe me, when it comes to cheese, there is nothing better than melty, gooey brie! I guarantee you will NOT be sorry about these change, they will improve the flavor immensely!

Happy Brie Cheese Week!


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