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More Time Management Tips for Christmas

timeAfter yesterday's post, I realized that I was just not going to be able to leave time management to 3 simple steps. There is obviously so much more to say about this topic during the Christmas holiday, but also Thanksgiving, New Years, Hanukkah and any other holiday that's important to us. What it all means for us and our daily schedules is that a calendar that was already full has just overflowed with family, friends, parties, etc. It's all good, for sure, if we manage it well.

Right now, if you can believe it, there are 145 more days until Christmas will be here! I'm not the first person to wonder that either since all it took was a simple google search to find the answer! Since we are still pretty far out from Christmas, I think we have a great opportunity to begin practicing these time management skills now so that when we are closer, we'll have some skills. We'll have skills!

So here's a few more time management tips to ponder and practice:

prioritiesSet Priorities. The older I get the more apparent it becomes that I cannot do it all. There are days when that is abundantly clear, and then there are others when I forget that with every day life comes limitations. This means I need to set priorities. We don't have to go to every party or volunteer at every bake sale benefit or decorate like Martha Stewart. It's all so much fun, but if we find we can't manage it all we really sell ourselves (and our loved ones) short. Pick and choose based on what's most important to you.

Get Started Early. We talk about this a lot around here. I think about it a lot, partly because I write to you every week of the year about preparing for Christmas! We do have an entire year to prepare, not just a the few weeks in December, isn't that freeing?! While it is true that some things cannot be done this far in advance, we can start making plans on when we CAN begin. Gift buying, gift making, party planning, even some decorating can be started early.

And, nobody will give it a second thought if you string some white lights up or decorate a corner of the room. Perhaps leave the traditional colors of the holiday aside until its closer, but I firmly believe that what brings us joy at Christmas will do the same in the months preceding.  We decided that we really like the look of a short string of white lights around different parts of the house. It doesn't scream Christmas, just brightness and peace!

listMake A List. Are you a list maker? Holy moly, I have become one! And, do you sometimes put stuff on the list that you already did just so you can cross it off? Me too! It is surprising to me (in such a good way) how much more peaceful my life is when I have my plans down on paper. I know if they are written down, I won't forget and that means I don't have to worry about remembering! Make a list of things to buy before the party, a list of the cleaning tasks to be done, etc. Whatever seems to loom in your mind the most and overwhelm you, that's a good indication that a list would help.

I realize that these are simple, somewhat common sense tips, but I don't think we can be reminded too much of them. We so often forget the small and simple steps like this. I'll plan to revisit this topic from time to time, and refer back to it as the days draw nearer.

Let's make this Christmas the best ever, okay?

Photo credit: Time,  Priorities, To Do List

Til next time,


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