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More Upcycling of Jars

We have a room off of our kitchen that, once upon a time, was actually the butler's station. It has a pass through window into the dining room, and every time we're in there we imagine ourselves buttlering the royal family, lol. Actually, tho, I'm pretty sure the counters in this room with their clutter of jars would have the butler fired on the spot. Gotta do something with those jars.

So, what to do, what to do. There are all kinds of ideas all over the net for the upcycling of canning jars, but these ideas today wouldn't necessarily require the heavy duty kind. Just any old jar that you've emptied and hung on to, thinking you'd have a use for it, will absolutely do!

sugar jar 2 This idea uses old candle jars and turns them into fun see-through canisters. Perfect since they have an air-tight lid! If you buy a set of cannisters at a department or kitchen store, you'll likely spend upwards of $40 or more, but these are just pennies to make if you already  have basic crafting supplies in the house. Love that.

Simply paint a wide strip around the jar, either just going part way or all the way around, whichever you prefer. I like the look of the brush strokes showing, so I'd opt for just half way around. Paint two coats, and after it's dry, hot glue some jute or twine around. And, of course, since it's chalkboard, if you change your mind and want to store beans or rice in the jar, just erase and relabel.

painted jarAnother project I saw involved painting a jar white, and then wrapping burlap around the top. Or the bottom. If you want an attractive way to store items that aren't that great to look at, this is an excellent idea. If we used the short, squatty jars, you could even store your brillo pad or dish sponge in it at the kitchen sink. Lots of lots of uses for this one. TIP:  Instead of painting the outside of the jars, try putting a bit of paint on the inside and swirling it around. :)

I found both of these ideas from, so if you'd like to see more of these ideas, hop on over there.

And, merry jar upcycling!


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