Personalized Christmas Stockings

  • Witch's Brew Halloween Wreath

    One of the things I love the most about Halloween is that it's a holiday for everyone. The littles get all dressed up, the bigs pull pranks, and even adults get a charge out of finding THE best costume for the annual neighborhood party. Somehow when we dress up in a disguise, we lose our inhibitions and end up having a blast. What's not to love about that?

    halloween wreathMerry Stockings, while primarily a Christmas stocking and decoration website, has got the most adorable Witch's Brew Bucilla Wreath kit for Halloween. The picture to the left here was actually sent in by a customer who purchased the kit and created the wreath! She did a fantastic job, don't you think? If you agree, head on over to Facebook and tell her so! You can find the post about D. Copeland on our fan page.

    It's always fun to add a few new decorations to our holiday collections, and this one is really fun. It's one of Bucilla's felt applique wreath kits, and just like the other kits they make, comes complete with everything you'll need to complete it. Hang it in a window or on the door where the trick or treaters will come 'a knockin', it's sure to be a hit!

    The wreath measures out to 17"  x 17" when finished, and the price is only $27.99, 20% off list price! You can grab yours on the Merry Stockings website right now. :)

    This will make a perfect early Christmas gift for that person in your life that really loves Halloween.

  • Elf on the Shelf Ornaments

    Elf-on-the-Shelf-Ideas-09There are some trends that seem to stick around longer than you'd like, but Elf on the Shelf just is NOT one of those! With his innocent, adorable and yet mischievous nature, there is something about this trend that makes nearly everyone smile.

    We have shared some very cute ideas with you on how to incorporate this growing tradition, and I just love this one. Hang it from the bathroom light fixture so his cute little greeting will be seen by even the sleepiest eyes. For more ideas just check out the pictures here.

    _elf-on-the--the-shelf_v2KOAs you can see, having more than one of these little guys around makes the fun even grander. That's why I want to share with you the Bucilla Elf on the Shelf Ornament Kit. Hang these on your tree or place in strategic places. It makes for a very fun game because you never know where this red suit is going to show up.

    The kit is available on the Merry Stockings website right now, too. Each of the ornaments measures about 5", and of course just like all the other Bucilla kits, comes with everything you  need to complete your project.

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  • A Rustic Christmas

    I have a facebook friend who lives in Alaska, and today she showed a video of the striking, no, breathtaking beauty that is Alaska! Image after image was postcard perfect, creating at least a desire to visit. My friend tells me that it is entirely possible to ride her bike year round too. Say what? Isn't Alaska the epitome of frigidity, snow and ice? Apparently there's more to it. I have to say  that tho I can live my life without the cold, there is something so appealing about the rustic feel of Alaska.

    outdoor ornamentsSo, this got me thinking about Christmas ornaments that fall into this style....rustic. I have always loved the brushed bronze look, and so it's no wonder that this very lovely outdoor ornament drew my eye. These are described as outdoor ornaments, but of course they can always be used inside too. I think they are just so pretty!

    You won't believe how utterly simple they are to make either.  In the picture these look, well, ginormous don't they? When I checked out the details on the purchase page, I learned that apparently we are seeing an illusion. The largest ornament shown is 18" that's pretty big for an ornament, but the picture makes it look 3 feet, right?

    I think we can make these! Let's start small though with regular sized ornaments and just see how it goes before we attempt the really large one. I gotta say tho, I really really want to make the 3 foot version!

    Let's begin with a regular sized glass ball ornament. Using a glue gun, draw whatever design you want on the glass...or even a monogram. Let it dry, then spray paint. Add a bow on the top, and voila, you're done!

    Any ideas what we could use for the super large version? Maybe an exercise ball?

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  • Make Your Own Christmas Gift Tags

    presentI know I've told you all this before, about how my mother considered the wrapping of a gift to actually be a part OF the gift? I have more-or-less adopted her point of view on this, and am always on the look-out for unique ways to dress up my gifts.

    What if we could make a gift tag that would fit the unique criteria, but also double as an ornament? Would you be interested in it? What if it was, in true Merry Stockings blog style, simple and affordable to make? Yeah, I thought so.....and what could be simpler, and even a bit primitive, than corn starch and baking soda ingredients? I dare say nothing.

    I have seen these types of tags/ornaments before, but what always disappointed me was how they would turn out yellow-ish when done. You could always paint them, but somehow a pure white outcome was always what I was looking for.

    gift tags

    So, I discovered a way to make these homespun gift tags so that they would indeed come out as white as the snow.

    The trick? Air dry them!!  Who knew?! For a speedier result, you can always bake them, but by air drying you retain almost a sparkly, shimmery look! I like that for Christmas especially! To enhance that you can add a little white glitter to the dough, but the effect is really quite lovely without it.

    You can get all the step-by-step instructions on how to make these gift tags/ornaments here. I think this'll be really fun!

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  • Christmas on the Farm

    farmlandThis past week I took a road trip to western Michigan. My husband was sent there on business, and since I had time off work I decided to join him for a few days. One thing I have always loved about road trips is riding through the country, seeing the roots of American life played out on farms everywhere. In our modern society where we think of beef wrapped in plastic from the meat counter, there is something charmingly primitive about seeing cows grazing on the hillside with the silo and barn as the backdrop.

    It is with this nostalgia that I present to you a brand new Bucilla stocking that we here at Merry Stockings designed ourselves! Bucilla is still doing the manufacturing of course, but we are so excited to offer to you this limited release, completely exclusive felt stocking kit with pure American love in our hearts.

    Christmas on the farmIn this unique and fun felt applique stocking, Santa is clearly working the family farm on his personalized tractor.  In true Christmas style, a green wreath with a cute red bow lights the way, and everyone'll know it's him by his license plate! And, we just couldn't leave out the silo, the barn and all the other adorable details! You can even modify some parts, like the license plate with the person's name. If you are a John Deere loyal fan, replace the tractor color with green, too!

    This stocking is perfect for those who love the farm life.....or anyone else (ahmmmm, me!) for that matter. You can order it, of course, from the Merry Stockings website, and this exclusive stocking kit will begin shipping September 10.



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  • Bucilla Goes Fishing


    Do you have a junior fisherman in your house? Or even a junior fisher-woman? I have great memories of my son walking around the lake near our home with his fishing pole--a long, curved stick--wearing a real fisherman's hat and of course his boots. :) He'd gone fishin', simple as that! I may be a bit partial, but I do believe he was the cutest little boy around on those particular days.

    Imagine your little fisherman getting this stocking for Christmas! Decked out with all the necessary fishing gear, made complete with that adorable fishing "fly" on his hat, this stocking will be a sure hit for the little guy. This is a classic Bucilla stocking kit and has been discontinued by Bucilla, but Merry Stockings carries it as a part of our older vintage stocking line. You can get this charming stocking for 25% off today!

    The kit comes complete with beads, felt, embroidery floss, sequins, needle and of course your easy to follow instructions. The finished product is 18" and you can order it from the Merry Stockings website. The kit will ship out to you pronto so you can get started right away.



  • A Few More Wreaths

    It's about that time of year....the kids are heading back to school, soon the temps will be dropping into the cooler zone, and we'll all be pulling out the sweaters and flannel sheets.  I feel this bittersweet push and pull about the autumn season ~ I love it but I always hate to see summer end! Still, there is nearly nothing better than the comfy feeling of jeans and a sweater, sipping hot cocoa or maybe a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

    fall wreathAutumn conjures up thoughts of beautifully colored leaves, pumpkins, bales of hay, crisp temperatures against blue skies, and even sunflowers...just like this cheerful wreath. Yes, Merry Stockings is proud to bring you a little fall decor despite the fact that we are largely a Christmas site....see, we just can't resist this lovely season!  Besides, it is the precursor, the warm up for what lies ahead.....Christmas!!

    This is the newly released Bucilla Fall Harvest Wreath, and will adorn your home while you are busy making gifts, shopping for gifts, planning holiday gatherings and parties, and even making  Christmas decorations. This lovely decoration can be proudly displayed from the early fall months all the way through Thanksgiving. That's 3 months! It's a very pretty and practical choice, don't you think?

    It's also a great value, because right now you can pick up this Bucilla kit for 29% off list price for just $24.99 on the Merry Stockings website. The kit, like most that Bucilla puts together, comes with everything you'll need to complete the wreath, and the finished size is 15" x 15".

    owl wreathIf you want something a little more spirited, how about the Bucilla Owl's Harvest Wreath Kit? It's pretty adorable! Same specs on this kit as the Fall Harvest Wreath, and you can pick it up for 20% off list price for just $27.99.

    Something tells me we aren't done with wreaths. :) They are the quintessential, universal decoration for the home!

  • Are You Ready for Some Fall?

    pumpkinsI saw this picture this morning on one of my friends Facebook wall, and I have to admit that my heart sank just a little. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fall season and everything about it, but I'm just not quiiiiite ready to let go of summer. Nonetheless, the calendar will turn over to the 'ber months in just a few short days, ready or not.

    So, let's start getting ready. Last time we explored this fabulous holiday aroma that will have everyone either salivating or plopping down on your couch for a visit. The scents of cinnamon lend a very homey, comfy feeling, don't they? Even tho the spice combo that I shared with you is definitely a Christmas thing, it is also very fall-ish. Those warm spices ~ cinnamon and cloves ~ have a way of changing just about anyone's mood for the better, and especially so in the fall months. Somehow a cup of spice fits perfectly with the changing of the colors!

    Starbucks, for many years has hopped on board with these very popular palette pleasers when they created their pumpkin spice latte and Chai. There is nothing like running through the drive thru lane and treating yourself to one of these, yes? :) I'm right behind you, friends! Do you ever wonder how they make it taste so good?

    pumpkinspiceI do, so I decided to find out exactly what they put in that addictive drink, and imagine my surprise to learn that there is actually NO real pumpkin in it! I will reserve comment on the other ingredients, because we aren't here to bash the coffee giant, just to learn to make a worthy rival of one of their most popular drinks. And one that is, shall I dare say, healthy? Okay, I'll say it. It IS healthy, and especially if you sub out the 2 tablespoons of sugar in the recipe I'll be sharing and, in it's place, use honey or monk fruit or even chicory!

    Dying to know how to make your own Pumpkin Spice Lattee? Here ya go, you can find the full on recipe right here, complete with instructions!

  • Smells of the Season ~ Homemade Potpourri

    homemade potpourriThere is something about the smells of the Christmas season that offer up warm fuzzies for anyone who walks through your door. Whether it be something you're baking, or roasting or boiling up on the stove, the aromas spell holiday magic, warmth and love!

    And even tho it almost doesn't matter what it is, if it has the warmth of cinnamon wafting through the air, you have a winner in everyone's book. I found this fantastic homemade potpourri mix that is a classic Merry Stockings recipe. Why is it classic Merry Stockings you ask? Well, it's simple to make, it's not that expensive, and it really is magic.

    What's even better is that packaging this mix up in a holiday bag makes the perfect gift! You'll be buying the ingredients already, so there will likely be enough for your own homespun magic and for gifts. That is a complete win-win, yes? Also, you don't have to make this mix more than once. You just keep adding water to the pan, and this wonderful concoction will last for weeks!

    You can find full instructions here. This will be a great use for those cranberries I bought a couple months ago that I stashed in the freezer! I can already smell it!


  • Bucilla Christmas Toys Wreath Kit

    I don't think there's a little boy alive that, at one time or another, hasn't asked for a drum set. Every year when we asked our boys to make their Christmas lists, a drum set appeared on at least one of those lists. My husband and I would look at each other, slightly grimace, and see what else their little active boy minds were dreaming of!

    Christmas Toys WreathI think drums and trains and candy canes are nearly synonymous with Christmas for kids, and of course Bucilla (and Merry Stockings) knew this when they designed this adorable Bucilla Christmas Toys Wreath Kit! We've talked before on the blog about how some Christmas decorations are such that you can get by with leaving them up longer than just the Christmas season, but this here wreath is definitely not one of those!

    Ice skates, presents, snow flakes, snowman, Santa, trains and candy canes deck out this very fun and sweet wreath, and following the included instructions (in 3 languages no less) will have you secretly smiling while you make it. I mean, it's pretty hard thinking about these cute and very traditional symbols of childhood and Christmas and not smiling, no?

    This Bucilla Christmas Toys Felt Kit comes with everything you'll need to complete it. The finished size is 16' x 16" and will liven up any door...or wall...or banister even! You can feel good about the fact also that this kit, like most other Bucilla kits, is made right here in the United States . . . you'll be supporting a homeland business. Does it get any better than that?

    The price on this wreath kit, like the one we showed you yesterday, is 20% off on the Merry Stockings website and is listed for just $27.99. Order today so that you'll have a fun project to start just as soon as the kids go back to school in a few weeks!

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