Toboggan Trio Stocking Kit

Recently we began asking our customers to begin sharing photos with us. We are hoping to assemble a library of images that come from our customers so that other customers can look through them and see how our products look in actual homes. Although our product photography is nice, taking a picture of something in a studio is different than a real person buying something and taking a picture of it in their home.

MerryStockings carries a full line of Christmas Stocking kits, which if you don't know, Christmas Stocking kits are a "do it yourself" craft. The product is sent to the customer in a bag which contains all the components to create the stocking. Typically these stocking kits are filled with wonderful details that you don't get when purchasing a stocking from Pottery Barn or even MerryStockings. At any rate, recently a customer sent us a photo of her completed stocking kit.

This particular kit is called Toboggan Trio. Here it is...

Toboggan Trio Dimensions Stocking Kit

Customer Photo of Toboggan Trio

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