Tree Shopping Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit

Special thanks to Helen, a customer of, for sending in this photograph.

Bucilla Kit Tree Shopping

Customer photo of Tree Shopping Kit

MerryStockings is offering discounts to customers who send in photographs of completed stockings kits. We add these photos to our website, because in addition to the "stock photos" of the stocking kits we carry, customers have expressed a desire to see additional images. By adding these photographs to our blog and our online store, we hope to show potential customers the most complete picture of the finished product. This particular kit is entitled "Tree Shopping" and is made by Bucilla. This particular kit costs $19.99 and is in stock. If you are interested in this kit, click here: Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit Tree Shopping. If you would rather peruse the full line of kits, click here: Bucilla Stockings Kits.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks again to Helen for sending in this great photo - nice job!

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