Ugly Christmas Sweater Projects

We've all seen it. You can't deny it. That sweater that someone in your family thought was adorable, and the minute you opened the box they insisted you put it on. You politely smile, give your great great grandma a kiss and thank her for her incredible thoughtfulness.

And, when you get home you want to put it in the Good Will pile, but your significant other won't let you. After all, what will your great, great grandma think next year at the family Christmas party when you don't wear it?

Or maybe someone gave it to you as a prank, or there was a contest to see who could find the most hideous Christmas sweater alive. Whatever the case is, most of us have one of these somewhere in the dark, dark depths of the closet.

I've got a fantastic gift idea for these little treasures . . . that is, if you won't be hurting anyone's feelings by re-cycling these sweaters that you love to hate.

Ta da  . . . can you believe how cute these are?! When you isolate part of the pattern, it's not so bad is it?

Make them to fit containers that hold evergreens or other plants, and of course they are so adorable slipped over a glass jar, a tin can or even a coffee mug. What a fantastic gift for your espresso loving friends. You can get all the instructions here!

And, I promise not to tell from whence it came!

Photo courtesy:  Ugly Christmas Sweater, Cozies

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