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We know that ordering online CAN be difficult for people because they can't touch and feel the product. Here at MerryStockings, we've tried to add several additional images for each product, such as close up photos, large renditions of the small thumbnails, etc., to show you as much about the fabric quality as possible.

The purpose of this page is to show you in detail, what we mean by "velvet" or "wool". These images are from actual products on our site and you can link from each image to see that product. If you would like to speak with someone or get more information, please see our CONTACT US page.

WOOL: MerryStockings is now carrying a full line of Wool Hand Embroidered Stockings. This close up photo shows the quality of this heirloom Chrismtas Stocking. This particular line of Christmas Stockings is full of great details and are very popular. To look at this exact product line, please click here: Wool Christmas Stockings

Throughout our site, MerryStockings references the word "Velvet" in our product descriptions for both Christmas Stockings and Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirts. Many companies suggest they have "velvet" Christmas Stockings and we've learned "velvet" can mean many things. Our velvet stockings and tree skirts are thick and soft. We've chosen this kind of velvet so it will hang elegantly and hold it's shape. This close up photo of MerryStockings Velvet Christmas Stockings shows off the quality of the fabric we've chosen to work with. If you are interested in looking at this product and other Velvet Christmas Stockings, please click here: Velvet Christmas Stockings

Green Red Velvet Christmas Stocking Embroidered

FELT: One of our most popular Christmas Stockings a series we call "Snowflakes". This series consists of two Christmas Stockings, one red and one green, that have embroidered snowflakes on the Christmas Stocking. This particular style is made of a soft felt. The picture below details the consistency and feel of the fabric for this popular Christmas Stocking. If you are interested in seeing more information on Snowflake series, click here: Red and Green Snowflake Christmas Stockings

Red Green Snowflakes Christmas Stockings

WOVEN COTTON: This year MerryStockings has designed an all new product line. One of the new styles in our Modern category of Christmas Stockings is a beautiful checkered Christmas Stocking with an elegant Velvet cuff. The body of the Christmas Stocking is made of a soft cotton but has a intricate woven texture as seen in the photo. This new product has two versions - one with a green cuff and one with a red cuff. To order or see additional details, click here: Checkered Christmas Stockings


SOFT COTTON: Another new Christmas Stocking to our line this year, this particular product has become one of our most popular. This particular line is created from a very soft cotton. The material has a "stamped" look that you can see in detail on the photo below. MerryStockings offers this particular stocking in both an Ivory color as well as a rich Burgundy. If you are interested in more details on this popular Christmas Stocking, please click here: Soft Quilted Christmas Stockings

Ivory Soft Cotton Christmas Stocking

CORDUROY: Our most fun and playful Christmas Stocking line is our Character Series. This series consists of several popular Christmas icons carefully hand sewn onto a stocking. The fabrics used in this series are Corduroy for the body of the Christmas stocking and Red Velvet for the cuff. This photo shows the quality of both the velvet and the Corduroy. If you would like more information on this cute, fun line of Christmas Stockings, please click here: Character Christmas Stockings

Christmas Character Reindeer Corduroy Red Velvet